Various - Velvet Jazz 12

2007-10-10 18:13
The CDs - released at intervals so regular you could pre-order them as anniversary gifts - recycle Gallo’s old hits, so the compiler Neil Greenburg’s choice is limited to one catalogue, and you’ll find some artists show up again and again: Joe Sample and Renee Olstead (she must be at least 15 by now?), for instance.

The cover once again shows a picture of satin cloth, not velvet. In other incongruities, serious jazz fans will query whether half the stuff on the CD is actually jazz at all. The compilation also tries to please all parties and succeeds in irritating everyone with bad choices instead.
One minute you’re happily coasting along to Jonathen Butler’s surprisingly sweet “Many Faces”, and the next George Benson’s murdering the classic Eden Abhez classic “Nature Boy”. Step away from the Nat King Cole and keep your hands in the air, George! Perhaps you could team up with a friend whose taste in music you despise, and split the CD’s contents between two iPods?

Luckily in a restaurant you can talk during the crap tracks and romance during the great ones. And for the most part, artlessly though they’re thrown together, the music on offer here speaks for itself.

- Jean Barker

Ever been to a restaurant all up for a romantic dinner, only to have your plans ruined by jarring music? Well Velvet Jazz One to Twelve (and counting) are here to rescue you.

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