Various - We Belong Together

2007-06-25 13:33
You may be wondering what on earth Counting Crows, Rihanna and Meatloaf are all doing on the same compilation. The answer is that universal pursuit common to all of humanity: whinging about their exes.

It's not exactly an original concept but it sure is a workable one. From emo-rockers to R&B divas, no album is complete without a good old sob story about your unrequited love: past, present or dreamed off.

So all that compiler Chris Venter had to do was gather those fragmented wisps of yearning and consolidate them into one congealed mass of melancholic longing. But hold the loveboat, don't let the giant heart on We Belong Together deceive you. This compilation ain't all saccharine-sweet butterflies and flower petals (which, incidentally, also adorn the not-so-subtle front cover). Sitting rather uncomfortably alongside the impassioned outpouring of Mariah, Ashanti and Rihanna are a number of edgy rock ballads, rasping out their twisted tales of love, and nervously flinching at the tinkling melodies of their neighbours.

In other words, if you don't mind listening to Mariah Carey's "We belong together", Snow Patrol's hit "Chasing cars" and Take That's "Patience" one after the other then you'll love this album.

Meatloaf's classic "It's all coming back to me now," sure will bring a lot back, though it's possible that the song's target audience are old enough to be experiencing memory loss. Ronan Keating's 'rendition' of "Iris" will make for welcome comic relief and Sugarbabes "Too lost in you" will have you singing along and hunting through your video store for another look at Love Actually.

Sheryl Crow, 3 Doors Down, Hoobastank and even the Lighthouse Family - they're all here. And even if they don't all yell out their pain as dear Mariah does in the title track, they're all talking about That Person: the one who left them with a giant rift in their heart, whether it's Elton John's "Nikita" or Adam Duritz's "Maria" in Counting Crow’s classic, “Round here”.

The accompanying DVD of all the music videos for the album’s songs is a nice touch. It’ll go down nicely at a pity-party with your best mates, some wine and lots of chocolates. At the end of it all, you’ll be thinking of every crush you've ever had.

- Verashni Pillay
Whip out the wine - tissues. This one's all about love gone wrong, on a compilation gone slightly wrong.

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