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Various artists - Desperate Housewives Soundtrack

2006-05-15 09:30

GALLERY: The Housewives compete desperately for the camera

The "Music From And Inspired By Desperate Housewives" album kicks off with a voice over from phantom character, Mary Alice. The fitting and obnoxious, "God Bless The American Housewife" by SheDaisy follows the intro.

All the Desperate Housewives have quirky voice-overs revealing parts of their character ahead of the tracks that is supposed to represent their personalities. The voice overs won't mean anything unless you're a fan of the show, and even then will prove to become annoying once you've heard them a couple of times.

From the onset this album promises little. Producer, Marc Cherry, chose mostly country songs like Shania Twain's "Shoes" and "Mother's little helper" from Liz Phair, to sum up the fictional housewives. The songs don't speak much for the characters' personalities.

After Lynette's tracks the album improves slightly with LeAnn Rimes' "We're running out of time" and Joss Stone's "Treat Me Right". Another highlight is "Boom Boom" by Macy Gray. This, together with Gloria Estafan's "Young Hearts Run Free", is tied to the youngest "housewife" Gabrielle and makes the album marginally bearable.

K.D Lang makes an appearance with "Dream Of The Everyday Housewife", which is as irksome as the title suggests. The album ends with the Desperate Housewives theme song.

- Ashlin Simpson

They may be hot, but their taste in music as portrayed in this silly spin-off album is desperately unexciting.

missFTV 2006/03/25 11:11 AM
Too critical Its not that bad...nothing compared to the series but i think they being a bit too critical. I would much rather listen to this than Avril !!! The wanna be rock star Spirits- fantastic!
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