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Various artists - E.S.P. 8 2005

2006-03-29 23:08

E.S.P. 8 2005
seems to have been put together absent-mindedly (a CD cover with a very obvious typo is never a promising sign). None of the tracks are particularly interesting or challenging. They're simply formulaic deep house variations that never get under your skin. You could almost tick off the 'build-up, build-up, peak, lull, build-up, build-up, peak, lull' moments in each track. E.S.P. 8 gives a whole new meaning to the term "going through the motions".

Particularly disappointing is Rozalla's "Everybody's Free", which sounds positively boring. In fact, most of the way through both CDs you would be forgiven for thinking you'd wandered into an aerobics class. However, the album does (nearly) do a few tracks justice, namely Io's "Rapture" and Delerium's "Silence".These classics are pretty hard to mess up. Nothing else really stands out.

This E.S.P. is one of those transient dance albums that flood the market with their tired brand of 'ping, ping, doof, doof, tink, tink'. I suppose there is a demand for this sort of thing from mobile DJs, which is sad, but then not everyone can be creative.

Give E.S.P. 2005 a miss, unless you're a taste-impaired teenager (we all were, once), and ask the nice man at your local music counter to recommend some real dance music.

He'll be easy to spot - he won't be doing aerobics.

- Amanda Whitehouse

Ever danced in a dodgy club to the E.S.P. 2 version of "Keep Pushin'"? Some of us have. Sure, it was cheesy, but "Keep Pushin'" is a 90s classic that's still remixed in not-so-dodgy clubs today. Sadly, it's unlikely many tracks on this latest double CD offering will be remixed in 12 years' time.

Amber 2005/06/17 11:12 AM
dsaADas sdasd Avril Under my skin
ESP fan 2005/06/17 3:21 PM
Hmmm. Easy for you to take the whole album apart but you have not mentioned a word about the second disk? Did you even have it in your possession when you wrote this or was it just a rush review? The second CD is a great example of what ESP is really about and there is not a mention on it! Have a listen again to the second CD. Lauchlan puts an amazing trance journey together on it. ESP 8 3nd CD.
nishav 2005/06/17 8:00 PM
waste i like my hardcore dance ; this is a waste of money- its a piece of gold for those who like relaxed and laid-back sounds like those found in the "house" scene. its just lame and will put you to sleep ; its a i said , waste hardy boys' new one for dance fans. im a rocker... get limp bizkit's new one:the unquestionable truth part 1
Amanda 2005/06/19 9:36 PM
I listened to both CDs. Twice. Dear ESP Fan. We're all entitled to our opinion, but I would like to reassure you that I did listen to both CDs. I just didn't think there was anything else worth mentioning. I wanted to like the album, as I was once a fan too, but it just wasn't meant to be. Tiesto - Just Be
Billy 2005/12/24 4:04 PM
ESP 8 I kinda agree with Amanda. ESP 8 was great at first, but after listening to it the second time, it got boring. I also agree with the ESP FAN - disc2 is well worth it, which means I am TOTALLY against NISHAV. Hopefully the next ESP will have something good to offer to all of us. Bump 1-3 Remixed, Annual 2006
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