Various artists - Straight Outta Benoni OST

2006-03-30 03:17

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Electric 6 find their way onto this set, albeit as a gimmick. Gay Bar, the old Internet geek fave, may be included here as a punchline, but its energy shows up much of the dismal drivel that poses for frontline South African radio rock.

Case in point: Inner City's original version of "Good Life", which opens the album, might have kept its golden egg veneer if the song hadn't been shamelessly poached, cracked open and scrambled in mess of an MOR omelette by those evidently self-loathing Finkelstiens. Positioned as the key track to the movie, The Finkelstiens' cover falls flat alongside Inner City's version and several other contributions.

There was a time - around the time Shtick, Acorn and Watermelon revolutionised pop, (that's Stock, Aitken and Waterman, young ones) that House music dominated the new wave. So why the Finkelstiens would attempt a crass and out-of-progression "re-imagining" of Good Life is beyond the laws of even 5fm, who have playlisted the thing - probably out of more self-loathing than anything else.

A pity, when My Orchard's four contributions to this soundtrack are so much more interesting. And even Wickhead's hard and heavy treatments, though quite odd and out in this collection, are at least more honest in their delivery.

Danny K's stock appearance is a given (is there anything this guy ISN'T on?) and hence unnoticeable. Joe Arthur contributes two original score orchestrations and Felix Laband three stylish instrumental tracks. Marble and Flash Republic do well to round out the edges.

But there's an imbalance in this collection; despite the hype you'll be exposed to. You might have to see whether this disjointed companion piece works in the movie itself. As a standalone work it manages only to expose the aforementioned Finkelstiens as sub-par self-impersonators. Not that you didn't know that already.

- Anton Marshall

MTV Crazy Monkey's film project, Straight Outta Benoni, has spawned a two-disc soundtrack release. The second disk contains a whole bunch of multimedia items like teaser clips for the movie, original artwork, a music video and other stuff. The audio soundtrack, however, is the scary part.

Greg 2005/09/19 11:09 AM
Sterling Not the album, but the review - good job, Anton. While I haven't heard the album, the tracks work OK in an OK movie, particularly Laband's Guavarama track, which is used extensively in high adrenaline moments, and the Inner City, which was an inspiration to many of the first wave of kwaito producers. The fact that The Finkelstiens have made it over is frightening to contemplate, as well as being murder on the ears. And I wonder what their fans will think of them covering a deep vocal house tune... Anyway, if it ain't broken... Inner City - Good Life (The Best Of) / Inner City - Testament '93
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