Various artists - The L Word: The Second Season soundtrack

2006-03-30 08:49

The L Word, the entertaining hit show that gave lipstick lesbianism a dignified space in TV's popular sexual psyche, has a pretty trendy soundtrack.

It opens with the husky Dusty Springfield's "Just a Little Lovin'", but most of the featured artists are from the US Indie rock or dance pop scenes - and this electronic meets rock meets lounge sound dominates. These bands are the USA's equivalent of what we have in the artists featured on our MP3 downloads site. They want to be famous and rich, but they're prepared to take a slightly anarchist approach to how they get there. So giving away a few songs on MP3 for free to get their name out there works for them.

Although cheese rears its silly head in the form of Heart's "No Other Love", Betty's "The It Girl", and the whacka-whacka wow cover of "Some Kind of Wonderful" (Pam Grier and BETTY), there's more than enough subtlety to make up for these iffy moments. Iron & Wine's gorgeous lounge rockish love song "Naked as We Came" and Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home" are a couple of the best.

Sexy melodic dance plays a strong role too. Ladytron's "Playgirl" would have any dance floor grinding groin to groin. The version of Shirley Bassey's "Where do I begin?" gets a not-bad house remix. Of course, there's the misery quotient. But it's tastefully done. Jane Siberry's raggedly tragic "Love is Everything" has some wonderful lyrics."You're chickening out, aren't you?"

This is a way above-average compilation that manages to keep a smooth musical flow from different style to different style, and from mood swing to mood swing, with a cheeky, sweetly sultry and feminine feel throughout.

- Jean Barker

If you thought the average lesbian's music collection consisted entirely of Tracy Chapman, K.D. Lang, Melissa Etheridge and P J Harvey, then you need this very enjoyable selection of 15 mostly unusual tracks to set you straight.

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Simoné 2005/11/23 2:08 PM
L Word CD Nice cd, would add it to my collection
Bicker chick 2005/11/23 3:03 PM
L Word CD L word Cd L Word CD
Yolande 2006/02/26 9:47 AM
The L Word Got like it and recommend it The L Word S1
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