Various artists - Yizo Yizo 3

2006-03-29 18:59

Compilations and soundtracks are often either a badly conceived musical salad wilting under the sour dressing of record company commercial opportunism, or so monotonous that you struggle to believe there's actually more than one artist involved. Or both. Not Yizo Yizo 3!

Yizo Yizo 3 is varied in style, musically rich and drawn from the catalogues of many record companies. But the themes of life in Jo'burg (echoed in life elsewhere in South Africa) the high production values and the sense that something important's being said link diverse artists and styles.

It moves effortlessly from the slick Kwaito of H20's "Life", to the heart rending pop of Brenda Fassie's Yizo Yizo, to the rough call to action of Mandoza's "Respect life", to Slovaz's danceable and sinister "Sho'sgebengu" and on to the pensive lament of Simphiwe Dana's "Zandisile". Rap, Hip hop, Kwaito, pop, and music from other parts of Africa all fit together.

There's too much to list or describe in a review. Take a listen to the clips and hear for yourself. You won't regret it. This is without doubt the best compilation CD I've ever heard. And I'm really proud that it comes from my country.

- Jean Barker


"The album resonates more with hope, happiness and ambition than the anger and violence that caused such a stir, and the 17 diverse tracks cover everything from kwaito and hip-hop to spoken word and African soul." Rating *****
- Richard Holmes on

From the addictive chant and party of the opening track, H20's big crossover hit Life, to the strange poem reading at the end, this CD is absolutely awesome stuff. Banging track after banging track on this warm, harsh and brilliant soundtrack to one of SA's best TV shows, Yizo Yizo. This is Album of the Year for 2004.

Ndwekazi 2004/06/21 1:14 PM
Yizo yizo 3 This is the better and good than yizoyizo s cd, its great this is the best soundtracks ever
Stekevana 2004/06/21 2:37 PM
The return baba This cd has the real flavour of umzansi local music .The sound tracks are brilliant .I must say Skwatta Kamp again has done a great job .H2O I feel that track "Life".Kabelo and Brown Dash with uMzekezeke those guys know how to make poeple party .Mandoza has made a great move by working with DJ Cleo .His music is hitting the charts again .I am glad he is making good music agian .
Mpai 2004/06/29 10:31 AM
Yizo Yizo 3 Very good combination
asdf 2004/07/30 12:44 PM
asdf asdf
shaun 2004/08/12 10:34 PM
yizo yizo 3 whant to listen it through the internet. i luv the show yizo yizo 3 soundtracks
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