Velvet Revolver - Libertad

2007-08-30 18:27
Uh-huh. Scott (vocals), Slash (guitar), Duff (bass) and Matt (drums) couldn’t give a shit if some critics reckon rock is past its sell-by-date. They know that getting well-oiled with your buddies after work and cruising for chicks will never go out of fashion - which is why they don’t even bother dabbling in deconstructed genre surfs or progressive rock pretensions.

Instead they careen straight from classic rock skirt chaser “Let It Roll” into the hard rock sleaze of “She Mine” with such low slung menace it makes the ‘biker boy’ stylings of bands like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club look laughable.
Like their debut Contraband, Libertad is primed with trashy kiss offs (“Get Out the Door”) and unrepentant cock rock riffs that are so stadium-sized you’ll be playing air guitar on her G-spot with your tongue in no time (“She Builds Quick Machines”). Sure they jerk off a pair of premature Guns ‘n Roses power ballad ejaculations like "The Last Fight" and "Gravedancer". And yes, there’s not an ounce of irony in Weiland’s wail on sex, drugs ‘n rock ‘n roll throwback “Pills, Demons, etc.”, the ‘I’m gonna get me a virgin’ psychedelic grunge of “Just Sixteen” or the lobotimised stadium rock singalong “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”.

Thing is, with riffs this super-sized and an utterly cool f**k you attitude last seen worn by Axl Rose who gives a shit?

- Miles Keylock

You’ve got to love Velvet Revolver. While ‘cool’ bands like The Queens of the Stone Age and the White Stripes have an existential crisis about trying to raise rock's bar, this sleazy super-group simply gets pissed and chases pussy.

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Sybie 2007/09/02 4:13 PM
Velvet Revolver - Libertad Mr. Foul-mouth Keylock - incredible that has the audacity to limit me [no bad language or hate speech, please] in the "Latest Comment” window.... that after your revolting show of aggressive sexual reference, disregard of accepted public norms, a total lack of decency and plain bad taste! Most of us who likes Rock LOVES it, and we do understand intonations involved. I for one however don’t like it forced down my throat in public accessible pages. Get a life, go home and beg to be taught manners. – watch it! Sybie
Loedi 2007/09/14 12:26 PM
Hmmm harsh I think you're missing the point. Even though it's good to be reminded what Rock and Roll (or one facet of it) is all about, we need bands like Qotsa and The White Stripes to push the boundries of the genre in order to keep it from going stale. Without bands like Led Zep (or as some would say the bands and artists that influenced them) we'd all still be listening to Beatles clones...
john 2007/10/05 4:17 PM
rock and roll? QOTSA pushing boundaries? Oh come on! Half their songs are also about wanting to get laid.
tim 2008/07/25 3:40 PM
Spot on Sybie... go listen to the album, get some perspective, and then kiss miles's ass for a f*cken spot on review.
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