Venessa Nolan - This Life

2007-11-30 15:42
It seems to be one of those "blood, sweat and tears" projects. Nolan co-wrote and produced the whole album, and you can feel that each song is revealing an intimate moment in her life. Especially "Christopher" in which she really opens up and laments over the tragic existence of her brother. Lyrically it's the most poignant track on the whole album.

Pity then that the gratuitous use of compressors and effects on her voice makes her sometimes sounds monotone and monotonous, and more robotic than human. While it's quite annoying, the effect does works surprisingly well on "You Can Believe Me."

This Life is a solid attempt, but it lacks any real identity. Let's hope that next time she ditches the compressor vibe, goes acoustic and gets more raw.

-Erica Chidi
Venessa Nolan's latest melancholic, synth-folk-pop offering touches on love, paranoia and loss and all things Emo. This Life is reminiscent of Madonna's American Life and Imogen Heap's I Megaphone, with it's atmospheric electro and ambient pop melodies.

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