Vicky Simpson - License to Sing

2008-09-19 16:23
Honestly, when I started listening to this album I thought this Vicky was just trying her luck, probably just testing what the market’s response would be on her comeback. To my surprise Licence to Sing gives you more than the expected repetition of her signature hit "My African Dream".

Sure, the anthem is included, but the song is still second to none and closest to the sentiments of our national anthem in the true sense of the meaning of thee African dream and African renaissance.
Her absence from the public scene should not fool anyone. If you manage to listen to "Give a little love" in your local music store, you will not leave without purchasing the album. Not that other song are worth it…the rest of the album proves Vicky is truly among the best Divas to come out of the Rainbow Nation.

If truth to be told, this is not your everyday radio album, but an enjoyable crossover collection of rhythm and blues, jazz and classic pieces. Okay, so this is not something you listen to on the go, all in all. But if you give Vicky’s Licence to sing a chance you will not be disappointed.

- EnKay

"You were fabulous then, but you are another league now and have matured vocally which puts you in the same pantheon as all the vocal Divas of the world. You are a Dream Singer to work with" says Cedric Samson, the producer of Licence to Sing.

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