WWE Raw: Greatest Hits

2008-06-09 09:58
An hour of jock rock wrestler themes is a lot. It had better be well produced. It’s a pity then that some of these tracks sound like they’ve been recorded in the Bat Cave with a Fischer Price microphone.

Hey, it’s not all bad. Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment have enough to squeal about, with 19 wrestlers’ mediocre themes to fawn over. And since Batista & company rate themselves so highly, Raw also has its uses as a motivational tool. Forget for a second that “Sexy Boy” is about Shawn Michaels, and you just might feel good about yourself today.
It isn’t hard to tell which songs have been borrowed from established artists like Motorhead and which have been composed by the WWE’s overworked goblin music slaves. The latter do an excruciating job, while the former finish with their reputations barely intact.

We’ll keep praying for the next Bach to grow up composing hard rock & rap tunes for waxed men with spray-on tans to fake-slap each other to. Until he does, toss this one on the fire.

- Niel Bekker
WWE Raw: Greatest Hits is your chance to navigate the wonderful world of music with six-foot steroid abusers as your guide. If the match was made in heaven, the music was made in hell.

ian 2008/06/09 3:27 AM
rnb rnb
ian 2008/06/09 3:27 AM
rnb rnb
ian's mother 2008/06/09 2:25 PM
rnb? rnb? rnb? well, all i have to say to that is: pgd.
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