Warlocks - Phoenix - Aural assault from Warlocks

2006-03-29 18:25

The Warlocks jack straight into the dark side of the street, exhuming the putrefied corpse of the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray" on "Shake the Dope Out" before mutating midstream into a narcotic pop high packed with layered keyboard swathes. Mainlining a psychedelic set of stoner guitar grooves cut with suitably sluggishly warm vocal drools it's a feverish blueprint that maps a mix tape of hallucinogenic narratives. There's the drone rock of late 80s Stooges wannabes like Loop ("Hurricane Heart Attack") and the shimmering pop frequency fuzz of the Jesus and Mary Chain ("Baby Blue").

Okay, so reeling requiems for a dream like "Inside Outside" initially sound like mere jamming excesses. But as sprawling needle bleeds ("Cosmic Letdown", "Oh Shadie") and strangely buoyant smacked out pop drools ("The Dope Feels Good") prove this is one cast of retro-obsessive sonic alchemists who are more than capable of delivering the requisite synapse smothering hit.

If the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the Jack Kerouac beatnik pin-up poster boy of the current fuzz guitar garage rock revival, then The Warlocks are probably the aural equivalent of the Manson Family. Given the abundance of junkie references, the analogy actually seems more than apt.

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