Watershed - A Million Faces

2010-05-06 12:40
Can you believe Watershed has been together for over a decade already? It seems like just the other day my Matric dance date was serenading me with "Indigo Girl". They had other radio hits later, but that was "our song’" - we loved it. 

On their  fifth album, A Million Faces, Watershed celebrate ten years together. It's more than just another 'greatest hits' cash cow, with three bonus brand new singles giving fans the chance to create more memorable Watershed moments! The album cover, like the album itself, is dedicated to the fans, because as Craig says "our fans are actually the stars, not us". Ag sweet man!
Launching a campaign on their website for fans to upload their best 'Watershed moments', then featuring these photos as the album cover's artwork - and running a competition alongside it - proves the strategic marketing savvy behind the Watershed brand (I've been wondering who the lucky winner is…). It also shows they respect their fans by including them in the process. I mean who wouldn't want to feature in or on an album cover, even if the photo is almost microscopic?

The brand new title track, "A Million Faces", is reminiscent of easygoing songs on Watershed's first album like "Shine on Me", where less was definitely more. Featuring a choir accompanied by simple melodic piano, acoustic guitar and a slow drumbeat, this ballad will definitely help the lost Watershed fans out there find their way again, or help them find that special someone…

Album opener "The World Needs You" is like time travelling back to my first holiday without parental supervision, road trippin' down the Garden Route, windows down, music loud, singing, the smell of fresh independence…those were the days hey? Anyway, "United by the World" is a live recording of a truly Proudly South African rock song. Imagine an AC/DC drumbeat and electric guitar riff, a vuvuzela, Nelson Mandela's voice and Craig embracing his eighties roots: yes, it's like reliving your first live rock concert ever!

The album also features other hits including a live version of "Indigo Girl" recorded in White River, "Yesterday Again" and a remixed version of "Thank You". Being SAMA award winners, being voted South-Africa's Hottest band two year’s in a row by People Magazine and having reached platinum status serves as enough reason to create more Watershed moments. So to all the loyal fans out there, enjoy!
Ten years, 4 albums and 58 songs ago, Watershed was born. So it seems more than fitting to celebrate this accomplishment in true Watershed style: bringing out a 'Best of' album.

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