Westlife Released - Westlife Released

2006-03-29 21:31

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The album includes previously unreleased tracks that are very similar to their older work. Ballads like "Close Your Eyes" and "Where We Belong" are presented in true clean-cut Westlife style. The unreleased remixes of some of their number one hits like "Bop Bop Baby" and the popular cover of Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl", which brought fame to the band early on in their career, still have the sing-along quality that won't disappoint the avid Westlife fan.

Their rendition of "Greased Lightnin'" adds some colour and shows off the band's versatility. The seven-minute "Westlife Megamix" blends the best of their ballads into a collage of sentimental songs such as "Against All Odds", "Flying Without Wings" and "I Have A Dream". It sounds like something you might hear at the end of a concert. In this case it's like the end or an era for Westlife, as they put away their bubblegum pop and branch out to adult audiences with Rat Pack covers on "Allow us to be Frank".

Two bonus tracks, Spanish versions of "I Lay My Love On You" and "When You're Looking Like That" provide something special for the Westlife fan who has everything. Don't expect to find any of their recent work; disappointingly, they included no Sinatra rehashes. But criticisms aside, this is a good album for those who enjoyed their music before they became Frank, or who want all their favourite hits on one souvenier CD.

- Ashlin Simpson

Take a listen to mainly previously unreleased tracks from the CD in the clips box. Then post your own review.

This locally compiled CD from hugely popular boy band Westlife features exclusive tracks, live versions, special remixes, spanish language versions, and also a good whack of their established hit songs. It's a special collecters' CD released to coincide with their April SA tour and won't disappoint their supporters.

Carol 2005/04/05 9:58 PM
Mandy Very Good Best of Westlife
WESSEL 2005/04/06 7:16 AM
TAMMY 2005/04/06 8:37 AM
Westlife-Released Brilliant
Corlia 2005/04/06 1:17 PM
Released Very Very Good Turnaround
Jax 2005/04/13 11:19 AM
Westlife Released Very good - I have seen the guys live twice and believe they must be the best ever boy band in the world.
Carman 2005/04/13 11:24 AM
Released Awesome Any cd by westlife is well worth the music investment
Annamarie 2005/04/13 12:02 PM
Westlife Released Very good
Angie 2005/04/13 6:54 PM
Mrs Excellent any
Neidene 2005/04/13 8:27 PM
Westlife review Absolutely excellent Westlife is No.1!!!!!
Maureen Smit 2005/04/23 7:43 PM
Westlife collectors item A defenate must have for the Westlife fan -(although I am the biggest fan by far). Takes you away to a world of your own - relaxing and soothing, releases the everyday stresses without effort...love it!!! for sure !!!
lynn 2005/04/26 3:46 PM
westlife - a limited edition 100% worth it!!!!! Westlife is the best since the BeeGees. Rock on guys! Turnaround
JACKIE 2006/12/05 11:30 AM
westlife Released whooo hooo go boys make them want you more!!!
Val 2006/12/21 1:01 PM
Westlife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Westlife and i definatly love Shane!!!!!!! You go gays and show Brain that you gays are still the best with or without him!!!!!!
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