Wickhead - Sexita Chiquita

2007-07-02 10:42
How often have you heard the phrase “Ja, but come on man, you can’t compare them to an international band.” As if for some reason a bunch of 18 year olds in New York or London are more likely to have talent than a couple of mates out of Jozi. It’s a cop-out, plain and simple. (Please note, I said TALENTED and not COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL, those are often two different things.)

Not that these guys haven’t had their fair share of triumphs. Just take their numerous nominations and awards at the 16th Annual International Los Angeles Music Awards last year. And it seems they're headed out into the big market for good. Read about their upcoming move to LA

But enough about the history of the band. What matters is the future. And it looks about as hot as a fake leather seat in the summer sun. Actually no, it looks as hot as that piece of tomato that slips out and burns blisters on your chin when you’re eating pizza. Why? Because Sexita Chiquita is bloody brilliant. Once it sinks its teeth into you, forget about what you were going to do with the next hour of your life. Just sit back and put your CD player on repeat because one listen won’t be enough.

The EP kicks off with an eerie sound byte, which is hard to describe, let’s just say that it’s something between Desperado and Silent Hill. That’s where the soft stuff ends. The title track "Sexita Chiquita" starts with a tidal wave of melody and sheer power. What’s striking is how lead singer Bronic’s superbly emotional vocal performance doesn’t get swept aside by the juggernaut that makes up the rest of the band. Every instrument is crystal clear, but also integrated perfectly. A++ to Louis Enslin and Wickhead, who co-produced the EP. Gentlemen, you have proven that local artists can achieve the same quality production as anyone, anywhere in the world. Another standout track is the "Lifeline", the last song. It’s a bit heavier than the rest, but still carries a strong melody. KJ Forde is an absolute demon on the drums. Fact: Some small parts of a few of the tracks seem a little too technical, but for fans of this genre (hard melodic rock metal bad ass etc.) this would not be a problem.

This EP is a sterling example of what an EP is supposed to do; give you taste, get you hooked and leave you jonesing for a fix. Soon there will be Wickhead junkie support groups popping up at a community centre near you. See you there, amigo.

-Loedi van Renen
This EP is a sterling example of what an EP is supposed to do: give you taste, get you hooked and leave you jonesing for a fix.

Al 2007/07/02 10:06 AM
I really enjoyed it I think it's their best work to date.
GREG 2007/07/03 3:00 PM
Wishy washy Its nothing special. Drummer not great. When are drummers in S.A. gonna learn the drummer is there to lift the music and not dominate it. I don't get the magic with this one!
ALex 2007/08/07 6:50 PM
POWER These guys rock harded every second,
ALL MAN 2008/11/14 12:32 PM
NU-METAL pretty good as far as nu-metal goes, but that's like saying, "My fart doesn't smell that bad considering the bottle of brandy I drank last night after the Indian food." This just isn't rock 'n roll.
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