Will Young - Let it Go

2008-12-17 15:17
Let it Go
Let it Go is Will's fourth studio album. For a Pop Idol this is an impressive achievement. Care to recall the ghosts of Pop Idol past…Gareth Gates, Michelle McManus?

It has been almost seven years since Will and Gareth battled it out in the original show, but Will has come a long way and there is really no need to even mention how he was first catapulted to fame. That unique voice and impressive vocal range is still present on Let it Go, but Will now also sounds all grown up.

He says the album is about evolving and accepting the ways in which life changes you. He co-wrote 11 of the songs and it seems the poor boy has gotten his heart broken a few times. From declaring "If love equals nothing/But sadness and pain/Why do I need it time and again?" to warning "Never let love leave you blind", the adult Will survives to live another day, singing, "I have never been afraid of being alone".

There's a healthy mix of pop, blues, soul here. Only "Love" sounds like it is straight out of a disco-themed 70s movie, and is rather out of place. Sometimes Will also sounds scarily similar to Michael Jackson, especially on "You don’t know". Decide for yourself if that is a compliment.

While the album is an easy listen and the songs are thoughtful, unfortunately there is nothing really original here. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Will. Will he be able to produce another big hit or will he be content to deliver more easy listening pap? After all, on the first track of the album Will sings he is hoping to see "Changes". Still, one thing is certain – Will has managed to escape the scary graveyard where many reality show singers go to bury their short-lived careers.

Original Pop Idol, Will Young, is back and it seems he has learned a few things about life, love and loss.

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