Within Temptation - The Heart of Everything

2007-10-03 17:13
Ok, so it's a complete indulgence, but you can’t help but be taken on a mystical journey when you listen to this album because of the all the ethereal instrumental solos and piercing vocals. Upon first listen to these Dutch Goth symphonic rockers you might think, “Mmm…these guys sound just like Evanescence”. Stop you there.

Within Temptation is better than Evanescence simply because their music is more risky, more intense and has an authentic orchestral sound. "Frozen" shows off the band's strengths with lead singer Sharon Den Adel literally ripping through the song, changing octaves seamlessly whilst an epic arrangement of strings and ambient noise rage on in the background.

But rather than fueling the whole Europe is better than America argument let's just say that that these guys have raised the bar and Evanescence is going to have to work bloody hard to match it.

- Erica Chidi
Within Temptation’s The Heart of Everything makes you feel like you’re trapped in a 13th century medieval castle by a cryptic sorceress - or just about to clasp the last link on you full amour suit before riding into battle with a fire breathing dragon.

urbionic 2007/11/02 11:10 AM
Watered down plagerism Comparing this group to Evanecence is not exactly a compliment. Groups like these ride on the backs of brilliant, but relatively unknown artists such as Epica. If you want to hear powerful female vocals to overpowering symphonic goth/metal look no further. You will clearly see where ‘Within Temptation’ get their inspiration from albeit a bit watered down in their execution.
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