Wunmi - A.L.A

2007-09-14 17:17
A.L.A which stands for Africans Living Abroad is Wunmi ‘s first solo release and it’s full of punchy commentary on the state of Africanism in the western world. “Crossover (Commercialism)” slates western economics by stating “commercial is no coincidence to commercialize, you compromise, international pop appeal, mass consumption-o constipation.”

Her sound is a fusion of traditional Nigerian beats, deep house, reggae, Nu-jazz and spoken word. You can’t help but feel you’re listening to a female version of Femi Kuti as you get down to this pumping album. Wunmi combines her home language of Yoruba into all her songs but does so with such musical elegance, that as a listener you only realize after jamming to a track a few times that actually she isn’t speaking English. Her cover of “Message in a Bottle” by The Police is an edgy revival of the 80’s classic; it lubes up the boundaries of reggae by locking together with a house beat and trust it doesn’t disappoint.

This album is progressive, opinionated and full of ball-busting tracks, Wunmi is definitely representing for Africa.

- Erica Chidi
This Nigerian expat offers much more than just afro-electric house beats on this deeply personal album.

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