Wyclef Jean - Carnival Vol.II Memoirs of an immigrant

2009-10-27 13:24
This is from the heartfelt “Fast Car” featuring Grammy award winning folk-rock and pop singer, Paul Simon. It’s a sincere, potent track that reminds us of stars like the late Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye, from 90s R&B trio TLC and those who died or almost died because of speeding. It’s one of the tightest songs on this sequel to ‘Clef’s debut solo The Carnival released in 1997.

Wyclef-Jean is a music genius because he always strives to push the hip-hop envelope further than the usual formulaic techniques of rhyming tits and ass or gangster rap. The Haitian born American immigrant continues to remind America and the rest of the world that he doesn’t belong to (or “in”) America despite living the “American dream”. He is a musical refugee who still proudly waves his Haitian flag.

As a musical odyssey, Memoirs is a biographical mash-up of collaborations with eclectic artists from diverse genres and cultures. Look out for reggae maestro Sizzla Kalonji on the sizzling “Welcome to the East”, jazzy folk singer Norah Jones on the only serene song on the entire album “Any other day”. Naughty boy Akon is on “The Sweetest Girl” and the queen of hip-hop soul (Mary J.Blige) on the soulful “What about the baby”. Verdict: A sincere and mind-boggling rollercoaster ride.

-Gugulethu Mkhabela
“I heard a man say Jesus Walks (Kanye West)/…I heard it through the wire that he made it out the coma from a fast car, it was a fast car… Some of us are Bad Boys (Biggie), some of us are Outlawz (Pac)/Unsolved mystery, the killer get away…it was a fast car, drivin a fast car”.

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Mindlo 2008/02/27 8:24 PM
Three was company Its a pity that when a group breaks up, fans of the group will follow one member. Its even worse more pitiful when that new solo artist's first song is ravaging rampage against some or all members of her previous association. When Lauren Hill spit her way into the hearts of millions, many people forgot about The Fugees and its founders, Wyclef and Pras. Luckily for Wyclef, he had already released a stellar solo album with meant as an extension of the Fugee repertoire in terms of sound and vision. The Fugees might not reunite (God Forbid) and Lauryn might get more complex for the market but Clef will carry the torch for the lovers of the group. The ReFugee Carnival is here for the second time...
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