Y-Lens Volume Two - DJ S’bu

2007-11-09 09:24
Y-Lens Volume Two is a mix of tedious and monotonous floor filler that work more as bed-time tunes than club bangers. “L’amour A Tous Le Droits” and “Walking in New York” are both globetrotting drones you’re sure to forget as soon as they stop playing. Then there’s “Stupid Song” which is as ‘stupid’ as the title suggests. We don’t know what possessed S’bu to include such dreary filler! Much better is the re-make of Minnie Ripperton’s high-pitched whistle “Loving You”, Teddy Pendergrass’ love ballad “In My Time” (which he makes his ‘own’) and Gloria Gaynor’s classic disco hit “I will Survive”.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Yes, it’s true that some songs would be long forgotten if they hadn’t been remixed. DJ S’bu, the master of re-mixes, proved this when he revamped Josh Groban’s “Remember When it Rained” and Neil Young’s 1970s “Till the Morning Comes” into huge club hits. So they sound better than the originals, but we are all dying to hear Sbu’s own productions instead of another set of hand-me-downs.

nmt 2007/11/16 9:14 AM
So true! Can he be creative just for once!
The Don 2007/11/19 10:02 AM
Dissapointed!! Y-lens volume-2 is totally boring! I regret buying da cd,I think we were totally ripped off!!This cd is definately not for festive!!! I thnk its also time for Sbu to start getin creative.
g 2007/11/19 1:50 PM
hated it!!!!! it sux pls get creative coz anyone can just take a good song and add their own remix to it sbu pls my man we not stupid what did u expect u can just throw anything at us and we ll buy it doesnt work like that
Carlos 2007/11/22 3:16 PM
Rubbish The album sucks guys, coz anyone can do some remixes, so I wont be wasting any of my money but I think Dj Cndo is the best lady in house music together with Kentphonik da guys and DJ cleo. Be creative brother so that we can buy your cd's.
shaungming 2007/12/01 2:16 PM
I Like It what up
mentallill 2008/01/15 4:36 PM
not like it sorry ts records is boring
craig 2008/05/16 11:32 PM
Do u knoe music Eish u e man Sbu ignore dese dudes who r used to backyard music kip on rocking dats wat u kal music. I cant remember dis group wc sang de song bout bizu nyoko 4 sure u must kal her coz Sbu uyarocka.
yonela 2008/09/23 3:26 PM
hey S'but i like S'bu no matter what language he speaks, i like the way he speaks his mixed zulu.
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