Yung Joc - Hustlenomics

2007-10-02 11:19
Damn! What’s this, why are Yung Joc’s lines so tacky? Okay the tune is superb but that’s only because it contains a sample from the composition “You make me feel brand new” by Thomas Bell and Linda Epstein –made famous by an array of musicians such as Simply Red, Roberta Flack and the Spinners. Now if we take a look at the featured artists on this album such as Snoop Dogg, The Game, P.Diddy and producers such as Dre and the Neptunes, you’d think DAMN! Despite the whack I’m a hard ass hustler pose on the cover, this is going to be one interesting album! Especially since his debut New Joc City went gold and was nominated for a Grammy.

Hustlenomics is meant to be a lecture on hustling but it fails dismally to give one memorable, insightful and decent track or trick. Yung Joc just doesn’t impart any knowledge in this module! It’s just laced with gangster rap clichés on selling drugs, spending money and driving fancy cars. We’ve heard it ALL before and it’s just so TIRED! His formulaic cheesy-sing song flow is just plain lame and will make you just want to bunk this class. Brother man seems to have no direction, one minute he’s rapping about getting his hustle on by selling drugs in “Coffee Shop” and the next, he’s going on about how much he loves his mother in “Momma”. He closes this headache inducing hollow noise saying “this is not a campaign for money or getting attention, this is what I do.” Well whatever man! You better be saving or investing your money because fans don’t like feeling ripped-off or hustled man!

-Gugu Mkhabela
“From my fitted down to my shoes/I enter the room and your bitch might choose/ Look me up and down from my head to toes/ Then point to exit then I tell 'em Let's go! /S-5, don't forget the 50 /what it cost me? About a hundred-fifty/ DAMN! What's this, why it's so sticky?”…

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