Zubz - Headphone Music In A Parallel World

2007-07-16 08:26
But shit, as an opening gambit it sure beats the crap out of ‘pass me the Courvoisier while I snort another gram off your booty, bitch!’ Zubz knows that such cosmic hip-hop consciousness isn't likely to shift CDs. "Victory" confesses as much, yet also sidesteps any beef-driven attack on bling rappers by calling on all emcees to respect their God-given skills and rhyme with reason whether they're charting or not. Sure, he name checks 2Pac, Nas, Black Thought, Jay Z and Rakim on "The Interview". And yes, all his samples (Bob James, Ahmad Jamal, Motown, Joe Sample) are imported.

But no, this doesn’t mean Zubz is shirking any 'Proudly South African' rap platform. On the contrary, as his haunting jazzy homage to Madiba, "My Distress" reminds, consciousness begins with respecting your roots.

- Miles Keylock
“Music is like a uterus…when I’m using this mic I use it like an ultra sound scan,” advocates Zubz on his latest foray into cosmic rap consciousness. Okay, so imagining a headphone cable as an umbilical chord connected to hip-hop’s womb isn’t likely to get the kid’s throwing their hands in the air and shaking their asses like they just don’t care.

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kaydee 2007/07/16 10:55 AM
the bomb zubz is sa's tightest mc at the moment - you have to have this album
Kgethi 2007/09/17 1:43 PM
Zubs' average A good album but not captivating at all.Zubs is clearly not in the same class as Tuks,Prokid and HHP.Maybe he should tone town his American accent and add some bit of Swahili coz we love our own languages.
Shaun 2007/11/05 7:38 PM
Headphone music in a parallel world. Zubs is the bom did listen when he said a tight mc is like a tight football star the nigga ryhms about PSL clubs.
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