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2008-12-24 10:06
Dutch Courage
aKING is Hunter Kennedy and Jaco “Snake” Venter (ex-Fokofpolisiekar) teamed up with Laudo ‘the voice’ Liebenberg (no relation to Lee-Ann Liebenberg, although just as cute) and Hennie “no relation to Eddie” van Halen. Except for two actual band members there are no traces of Fokof left. Their music is listener-friendly rock, almost country and definitely folksy. No hard punk influences, no alternative rock edge. They make songs you can sing to, and even close your eyes to as you sway from side to side (without fear that big foot is going to trample you in an agro mosh session). Don’t let the album name fool you, Dutch Courage is 100% Soutie. These Bellville-born-and-bred laaities have traded ‘die taal’ for a more international, broad - in other words - English appeal. They want to sound like the music most teenagers listen to. And with this album they might just become that band.

Laudo is deep and intense on vocals. The more you listen to him sing - especially the slow stuff such as “Safe as Houses” (check out the music video) and “Shine Your Light” - the more you want to hear him. The rock stuff also grows on you. It’s not too loud and you can distinguish between the different instruments. Some of the guitar riffs have a fashionable early 90s edge. It’s obvious the music they listened to in their youth influenced their style. Favourite rock tunes are “The Dance”, “Thirsty for Love” and “Guilty as Sin”.

Dutch Courage makes it clear that aKING will not be building their music career on ‘image’, shock value or controversial lyrics. For these guys it’s all about the music. The question is: will that be enough to sell records and become icons in this day and age? Let’s face it; half of Fokof’s fame came from milking that controversial Afrikaner atheist rock boy tip.

- Annel Malan

PS: Read our review of Van Coke's new album and watch them perform live.

They don’t swear. They don’t have vulgar lyrics. They don’t alienate anyone. If you didn’t know, you would never guess one half of aKING was ex-Fokofpolisiekar.

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Samsung 2008/02/08 10:47 AM
ex-Fokofpolisiekar? This album is great. HOWEVER - why do you insist on referring to Hunter and Jaco as "ex-Fokofpolisiekar"? Fokofpolisiekar performed as a whole - not a comeback, not a reunion - this week. They are still a band. And comparing aKING to the music FPK makes isn't necessary - it's almost an insult - assuming that if you make angry music with vulgar lyrics, it's a big suprise that you can make"folksy listener-friendly rock". aKING is aKING - FPK is FPK. Like you say the only connection is 2 band members. Let's keep the rest of the politics out of it.
goda 2008/02/08 2:14 PM
Everyone's ex something It doesn't mean they haven't moved on, but it is important what that was. I find this album oddly loveable but far from five stars worth.
Pieter 2008/02/11 9:24 AM
Come on Its obvious that Annel knows very little about fokof and where their loyalties lie. It would have been nice to have an aKing review. "But you dont really care for music do you?"
bob 2008/02/11 11:42 AM
strange thing to say, Pieter. Are you even reading the review, Pieter? seems to adequately describe the music, the marketing, the history and the current reality. what more do you want? lord save us from fans who just want to lick the balls of bands they love. And I see this reviewer gives aKing 4/5 stars. Seems she cares too much, I found the album pretty kak.
Pieter 2008/02/13 7:39 PM
Well Bob, Well Bob, last thing I checked this was supposed to be a CD review and half of it is filled with FPK rants, so excuse me for complaining about not receiving enough info about the music from the review. I think these "CD reviewers" ought to go to www.ultimate-guitar.com to see how some real reviews are done.
jacquesmalan.com 2008/02/15 3:40 PM
relax i actually agree with ALL the comments made here. The review is fine. the rating is fine (the album grows on you). I was at the album launch. I also have the VCK CD. Yes, aKING and FPK are different things, BUT you have to (especially with a new band) sketch the background and the history. BOOM! great to see FPK still on stage, but the members branching out - makes life interesting. so give everyone a chance
andre.review 2008/03/10 3:25 PM
aKing and Fokof Anel Malan is spesiaal en ek bedoel dit nie op 'n mooi "ag shame" manier nie!!! Polisiekar het die fondasie vir Afrikaanse rock gele en SA musiek tot 'n nuwe hoogte geneem! Ja hulle het shock value gehad en ook baie daarvan... maar dis nie hoekom hulle so 'n groot sukses is/was nie! Hulle musikale talente en lirieke is wêreld gehalte en beter as 95% van ons top rock verkopers wêreld wyd!!! Nie net het hulle 'n groot Afrikaanse "fan base" nie maar nog 'n groter Engelse "soutie" "fan base"! Anel, hulle het jy die patetiese tonnel visie stereotiepe van die Afrikaanse bevolking probeer vernietig! Nie al die wit Afrikaanse mense dra Khaki kleure, stem vir die AWB, is rassisties, en mal oor die patetiese denk wyse van die NG Gemeente nie! Jou perspektief is skokkend! Toe ek jou resensie gelees het ek gedog jy is ? anti-Afrikaans Engels sprekende persoon! Ek kan nie glo dat jy 'n werk het as 'm resensent nie! Ek is ook een en het al menige toekennings ontvang en meer as 10 jaar in die bedryf!
andre.review 2008/03/10 3:31 PM
aKing and Fokof Vervolg: aKing gaan sonder twyfel die volgende Seether wees om internasionale roem te verwerf! En ek kan jou waarborg dat hulle beter as Seether sal doen! Hulle musiek, Lirieke, styl is iets wat die baie goeie groeiende musiek bedruif van SA nog nooit beleef het nie!!! aKing,Fokofpolisiekar en Van Coke Kartel, Seether en Just Jinger is maklik die beste bands in die geskiedenis van SA! As Polisiekar Engels was, sou jy verseker vir hulle ook ? goeie resensie geskryf het, ek waarborg jou dit! Maak jou oë en ore oop! Oh en Pieter jys op die ball! Anel begin musiek te luister, en lees die lirieke!
Jarryd 2008/06/10 10:13 AM
about time i havent enjoyed and appreciated a decently talented and sound group such as aKing since Perez were cranking out hit after hit. most of you chops probably wont even remember or perhaps even ever heard of Perez since the rumours of them getting back together recently. But aKing are the sh*t. wasnt ever a FPK fan but i am now a huge fan of aKing... nice review too by the way.
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