k.d. lang - watershed

2008-10-01 06:05
This album's continental stylishness and smooth as silk production disguises KD Lang's classic roots. Beneath the surface, a personalised blend of country infused with some show tunes pizzaz meets the cooler currents of impressionist lyrics. She’s musing on a woman she's falling for, analysing herself, or luxurating in a day spent alone with a lover. It’s pretty, and it’s sexy too.

There's nothing puzzling about this album, despite the pensive blues that pervuades it. It's a simple but sumptuous musical portrait of someone rediscovering sensuality, with wariness and wisdom this time.

- Jean Barker

KD Lang has always been the queen of lesbian camp - that's dungarees, big shirts, short nails and hair, not feather boas and floats - and she's still top of her game with Watershed.

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