2007-10-19 08:50
Maybe not. Sure, worming (their phraseology) a stream of shoe-gazing, metal, country, arena-rock, post-punk and techno licks and tricks into their guitar-driven indie-dance hybrid has its possibilities. But at this fledgling stage of their career, kidofdoom are shackled by not having a voice of their own. At least this is the case on CD. While they may get away with masking riffs ripped from Johnny Marr, Jonny Greenwood and Peter Hook in the sweat ‘n grind of live performance - as pretty as their polymorphous pastiches are - in hi-fi kidofddoom come across as an instrumental indie-lounge muzak novelty act.

Oh come on! This is some seriously new shit they’re experimenting with here - what about those righteously cute electro-clash keyboard riffs on loan from A-ha and LCD Soundsystem? Guaranteed to make rock kids wanna dance and dance kids wanna rock! Hip in the clubs and on your headphones! It’s postmodern dude! We’re talking “party music that's as intelligent and complex as it is fun” (their press release). It’s devastatingly original! (again, PR) It’s ‘disco-punk’!
No it isn’t. There’s nothing especially disco, or particularly punk about cloning Air, Daft Punk, Flaming Lips, New Order, Radiohead, Sigur Ros and a bit of Beck into egoless karaoke instrumentals that bleed into each other so interminably you actually start praying for a vocalist to save you from the cross-bred mute bondage of it all.

But wait. Trashing these guys as rip-off artists is not fair. Richard Brokensha (synthesizer and guitar), Ryk Benade (guitar), Barend Pieterse (bass and Theremin) and Johan Auriacombe (drums) have only begun to navigate that nebulous wasteland between past-its-sell-by-date post-rock and the indie-dance revolution. Hopefully someone locks them in a studio with a copy of Battles’ blueprint Mirrored sometime soon.

Reckon we’re talking trash? Watch kidofdoom live at their CD launch in CT:
- Disco-punk broadband
- Disco-punked broadband

- Miles Keylock

There’s a moment 4 minutes and 22 seconds into a hypnotic jam called “forest fire” where Pretoria’s kidofdoom reveal the method behind their ‘disco-punk’ instrumental madness. They lift an oceanic guitar solo straight out of David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd tablature. An ironic tribute to one of their heroes hidden in a Rubik’s cube of influences as diverse as Air, A-Ha, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and Sigur Ros? Maybe.

Shane 2007/10/21 9:46 AM
O you've got green eyes, o you've got blue eyes....... It's always sweet to see young bands with great influences from the past, they are obviously targeting an audience who was born in the eighties so criticizing them for using New Order rifs is probably redundant.
sarah 2007/10/21 10:08 AM
this review is rubbish I am sorry, I thoroughly enjoyed their pretoria launch as a long time kidofdoom fan, and there is a big difference between having greenwood as an influence and stealing his riffs man! damn, prove to me that they have stolen one riff, and I might read something youve written again, maybe. give these boys a break! They are doing something new and original, and I am thinking with the hype around them, all these people cant be wrong! Why dont you just go back to an eden show in bethlehem where you belong...
CS 2007/10/21 12:13 PM
Who cares? all South African music is sh!t anyway, doesnt matter how you spin it to be honest.
Nicole 2007/10/21 12:37 PM
Garbage!! Kidofdoom are one of the best live acts!! Their pretoria launch rocked the city. I honestly don't know where you get off trashing these guys. I agree with Sarah : go back to bethlehem.
Anja 2007/10/21 1:17 PM
uninformed review is this a review or an excuse to namedrop? it doesn't matter if you're indifferent to their music (not every one is born with good taste), but listing a slurry of influential bands without ever really making a point about any of the tracks on the album is just weak. makes me wonder if you didn't perhaps skip through the tracks and spewed a cliche "post-modern music is killing originality" rant on the day your girlfriend left you and your dog died.
Wayde 2007/10/21 2:15 PM
Nonsense Firstly CS... Your idea that all SA music is rubbish is baselss... We have a thriving underground culture of music... Our rock music is second to none... Bands like Deity's Muse, Same old Story, Chromium... Dude... Seether!!! Kidofdoom is amazing live... I think you guys need to find someone else to do reviews... This was a pretty crappy review...
Ben 2007/10/21 2:15 PM
Lamest. Review. Ever. I think if there's been one local album released this year that's deserving of 5 out of 5 stars it's this one. I don't know if Miles Keylock has something against the members of Kidofdoom themselves or is just trying to be cool acting like this album isn't a landmark release or just doesn't get it, but this is a pathetic review. It seems his main problem with the CD is that over the course of it you can hear influences from various different bands (right?). What he seems oblivious to is that these influences are taken and combined in a way that sounds like absolutely NOTHING that's come before it. Could any one of these songs be confused with Pink Floyd, Daft Punk or Sigor Ros? Obviously not. Could you name even one single band that actually sound like Kidofdoom? Nope. They aren't just trying to imitate the acts they like, Kidofdoom re-interpreting what they did and creating something totally new in the process. The only other problem this little review seems to have with the alb
Ben 2007/10/21 2:47 PM
Lamest. Review. Ever. (cont) The only other problem this little review seems to have with the album is the press-release that came with it. Assuming from what Miles has written (or copied), it's the same one on the band's myspace ( Maybe he didn't have time to read it properly but this is what it says: "[kidofdoom are] the biggest name in Gauteng's exploding disco-punk scene" It doesn't say they ARE a disco punk band, it says they're the biggest name in the scene - something that hundreds of dance punk kids will attest to. I really doubt the band members themselves would ever classify their music as disco-punk (it obviously isn't) but the fact is Kidofdoom are undoubtedly one of the most fun South African bands you can dance to. There isn't very much else to say about this review - given that Miles has formed only a few sentences that aren't just rattling off influences or lifted from the press release I'm sure it's
Ben 2007/10/21 2:48 PM
Lamest. Review. Ever. (cont2) There isn't very much else to say about this review - given that Miles has formed only a few sentences that aren't just rattling off influences or lifted from the press release I'm sure it's taken me longer to write my response than it took him to write the review. Why exactly I'm actually bothered enough to write all this is actually a mystery, I mean this guy thinks "Pink Rocks!" - !
Larissa 2007/10/21 4:23 PM
way too subjective Here I was under the impression that journalism is supposed to be unbiased and objective. Hmm, I must be wrong. It's all right to write a review that doesn't sing a musician / band's praises if it is deserved, provided you give reasons as to why the musician / band are terrible. Your own opinion doesn't matter if it's not justified. And even then, you're always supposed to at least explore both sides of the story. This is shockingly bad, if not irresponsible journalism. Seems like Miles Keylock is just going for a shock tactic approach and not actually doing his homework. Tsk, tsk!
Liam Lynch 2007/10/21 6:05 PM
Pffft. Miles Keylock likes Damn Right. Nuff said.
jordan sweke (the Crooks) 2007/10/21 6:44 PM
this dude is ignorant. hey mr miles keylock. i think you've been brainwashed man. this band is spectacular. you've just been around too much of the new age ct glam pop "punk" for your own good. dam right. k.o.d it is absolute sacrilage to compare them. and if anything sensible, you will realise, that what kid of doom is doing is infact nneeww. its brand new and its brilliant. johan is probably the most energetic drummer on the sa scene, and even that says allot. go make love to your i pod dude..
alice 2007/10/21 6:44 PM
... so badly written. doomed to eat your words soon. when everyone is praising the awesomeness which is kidofdoom, you're going to be the as*hole who didn't see a revolution while it was happening. good luck miles.
ralph 2007/10/22 5:47 AM
nothing new kod are nothing new...their influences are all they have!just because they don't have a vocalist you guys think they're revolutionary? come on music reviews are supposed to be subjective and opinionated. good for you for cutting the hype machine down to size.
mishka 2007/10/22 10:50 AM
At least someone gets it Thank you Myles. Finally someone not swept away by silly hype. Sure kidofdoom are cool and sure I wish them luck, but 'c'mon..... they're still rookies jamming in their garage. When and if they do find their own sound, yeh maybe....
Pinvictor 2007/10/22 1:45 PM
Dull dull dull Kid of Doom are vastly overrated. They're hip right now, but really, who can even remember a single one of their songs, even 10 minutes after they've come off the stage? The fact that the smug in-crowd loves them so is no indicator of quality. Great review.
Marc 2007/10/24 1:04 PM
kidofdoom A hardworking SA band with no vocalist with above mentioned influences that release an album and generate interest is a MILESTONE for the scene. It shows what can be done without following the normal way of things and will hopefully pave the way for other inventive bands to try something different. All music is influenced by other music ("there is nothing new under the sun" to quote some Hollywood type) and while it's big and clever to pick those influences apart, it's not really the point. kod are a great band to watch live, they have a sound that is 'new/different' to a lot of people and they're doing what they believe in on their terms. DOING being the key word. Good luck to 'em. BATTLES?? Good God! Sounds like someone erecting a shed...
rambo 2007/10/25 7:47 AM
knee jerk If you ever saw this band live at Oppikoppi or at one of their shows back home, you would be criticizing different aspects of the album. I believe in constructive criticism as a way of improving the 'overhyped' local bands, but this writing is pure garbage. Just because one guitar riff reminds you of PF, it's no reason to launch into a boring template type tirade about their originality. What they are slowly doing in SA is indeed revolutionary, and everyone who thinks they must go back to jamming in the garage can look forward to another 10 years of Prime Circle albums. A band like Battles would die a quick death in Pretoria.
Geoff 2007/10/26 11:55 AM
How are your knees, Miles? How are your knees, Miles?
EN 2007/10/26 1:56 PM
even stranger... Sure, one may find themselves at odds with the hip overdressed late teens with their long fringes and borrowed angst, talking about some sort of punk revolution... And while kidofdoom still need to learn to get the fresh and interesting sounds they need out of the studio, their songwriting still towers over most of the local scene and to be honest... the above mentioned influences are irrelevant and redundant since they are so heavily engrained in today's rock psyche. There are so many other bands doing a similar thing...65 Days of Static, Explosions in the Sky, M83, Mogwai... There hasn't been a single post rock band worth mentioning since Benguela, and trying to bury them just seems ugly...
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