Interview: Snoop Dogg Pt1

2011-05-03 11:28
Snoop Dogg has just released Doggumentary, which features 21 tracks, including the first single “Sweat / Wet” (featuring super producer David Guetta), as well as “Platinum” featuring R Kelly.
The album features production from heavyweights such as Kanye West (who also lends a verse to his track), Lex Luger, Scoop DeVille, Scott Storch and more. Guest appearances include some surprising names like Bootsy Collins, Gorillaz and Willie Nelson and some other musical notables such as Jeezy, E-40, Wiz Khalifa and John Legend.

What was your inspiration behind Doggumentary?

What was my inspiration behind Doggumentary? My inspiration was just basically going in the studio trying to make a record that feel good, that felt good to me, that felt good to the environment that I’m in, that Hip Hop is in right now. For me being on my 11th solo record, like, just trying to go in and make a record that could really depict my whole career but go with a brand new twist to feel like right now

Did you intend for the album to be so eclectic?

Um, no, when I went in to make the record I was trying to just make a record that felt good. You don’t really have no direction or no substance when you first start. It’s just about shooting in the sky trying to find something, and when you hit, you know, you feel like, ok, I got one, and you go back and you, ok, I got another one, then I got another one, and then you start taking those songs and trying to put them together until you create a formula that has a concept behind it.

So, in the initial beginning it was more about just making songs, because, you know, when you get to the point where I’m at, you know, some would say it’s time to retire. So, you know, you try to find a groove that feels good to your groove, and once you get it then you stay at it.

What are the stand-out tracks for you and why?

Songs that stand out on this album to me, uh definitely a song I got called “My Own Way.” Frank Sinatra did it his own way, and this song is like my version, because it’s me just saying what I, what I really feel at the time, as far as like I really want to go back to the hood and try to kick it, but I can’t because I’m so far ahead of that now.

And there’s another song on there called “Cold Game,” where it just talks about, you know, me as an artist, and my growth, and my, my failures, and my successes in the industry, and the things that I’ve had to deal with and overcome, and just the way I put them all in perspective, and, you know, still having fun doing it.

Tell us about some of the collaborations on the album?

Stand-out collaborations on my album would definitely be Wiz Khalifa “This Weed Iz Mine” is a hell of a record, T.Pain “Boom,” R.Kelly “Platinum,” and the way I get, you know, to the point of me working with somebody on my album, it has to be someone that I really love their music, their craft, and their whole integrity behind making music, and then it has to be somebody who I feel that can complement the record that I’m working on, and really fits the concept of the whole album as opposed to the song.

You have to be able to, you know, engrope the whole concept of the record when I call on you to be a part of my situation, because to me my albums are like movies, it’s like, I can’t just throw you in the scene if you not a part of the movie. You know, you have to have some relevance to yourself and what you’re doing, so when we’re watching this movie and listening back to this movie it all comes together as a puzzle.

What stands out about the track you did with Kanye West and John Legend?

The Kanye West track, what stands out about that to me is just how he just flipped it and took an old school track and made it brand new. And John Legend singing the hook, just the stuff we talking about, just being real and opening up, and not really being on no flamboyant, flossy “I got it all” type rap, but really saying something that means something.

And a lot of times, we, we don’t take the opportunity to say things that matter over great music, because in hip hop, it’s so cool to rap about what you have, as opposed to the have-nots, so this is more about a record that’s a reflection of what we see when our eyes are closed.

Uh yeah, David Guetta did a remix for “Wet,” which will be the original version for “Wet” on my European release of my album because he’s so big, and so international, and he flipped a song and made it sound completely different than it did when we did it, but, you know, working with somebody like that, that’s what I strive for - I strive to work with, you know, with greats. I also worked with Willie Nelson on my album, on a song that he wrote called “Superman.” So, you know, it’s - it’s about being great and working with great acts to continue to have greatness in your career.

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1. Toyz N Da Hood (Feat. Bootsy Collins)
2. The Way Life Used to Be
3. My Own Way (Feat. Denaun Porter)
4. Wonder What It Do (Feat. Uncle Chucc)
5. My Func House (Feat. Young Jeezy & E-40)
6. Peer Pressure (Feat. Traci Nelson)
7. I Don’t Need No Bi*ch (Feat. Devin The Dude & Kobe)
8. Platinum (Feat. R. Kelly)
9. Boom (Feat. T-Pain) (Prod. Scott Storch)
10. El Lay (Feat. Marty James)
11. We Rest In Cali (Feat. Goldie Loc & Bootsy Collins)
12. Gangbang Rookie (Feat. Pilot)
13. This Weed Iz Mine (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
14. Wet
15. Take U Home (Feat. Too $hort, Kokane & Daz Dillinger)
16. Sumthing Like This Night (Feat. Gorillaz)
17. Superman (Feat. Willie Nelson)
18. Eyez Closed (Feat. Kanye West & John Legend)
19. Raised In Da Hood
20. It’s D Only Thang
21. Cold Game (Feat. LaToya Williams)

The legendary Snoop chats about his latest superstar-laden album Doggumentary.
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