10 Questions: Aces High - 10 Questions: Aces High

2006-03-30 15:32

MWEB: What big international band would you most like to support?

Daniel: Foo Fighters
Jeremy: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Rob: P.O.D

MWEB: And which big international band would you most like to have support YOU one day?

Jeremy: Green Day
Rob: Placebo
Daniel: Interpol

MWEB: Do you know of a band also called Aces High, except with an apostrophe, in Lincoln. They're also about to finish recording an EP and describe themselves as "Indie Rock".

Daniel: Nope, never heard of them! Ha ha

MWEB: Isn't having the same name as another band a problem, if you wish to make it overseas? I hear an SA band called Ghost had to change their name when they were signed outside of SA.

Daniel: Look, there were probably a whole bunch of bands called the "Rolling Stones", but which one do you remember?
Rob: We know there're bands in Sweden and New Zealand with the same name as well. We've heard their stuff - we're not worried. If we have to change it, then so be it. As long as you're well known, then it's not a problem.

MWEB: How did competing in the Emerging Sounds band competition affect your skills, your profile, or other aspects of your band?

Jeremy: Getting to play at the biggest local live music club in CT, after only gigging for 3 months, was just plain awesome. Our live performance certainly jumped several notches instantly.
Daniel: And we were stoked to get genuinely positive critical response.

MWEB: Is music a career for you, and is there a time limit on how long you're going to keep trying to make it big?

Rob: For me, being a sound engineer, music is definitely my career. In terms of the band, it's too soon to tell. Ask us again in a few years.
Jeremy: Well, we're not about to quit our day jobs anytime soon!

MWEB: If there's one SA rock band - apart from yourselves - that you'd like to see make it massive (in other words sell millions of album), who do you pick?

Daniel: I reckon our partners in CT rock crime, Subnature and Taxi Violence, deserve to make it huge.
Rob: Ya, they both rock! Either them or the Sleepers.
Jeremy: In terms of a band that's working really hard to do something they love, it would be Bed on Bricks.

MWEB: What's each band member's worst habit?

Rob: Dan forgetting lyrics on stage.
Daniel: Ya, but I usually come up with better ones!
Jeremy: Rob losing drumsticks during practices. We're not insured for being skewered by flying drumsticks.
Rob: Jeremy humping his bass. Check out our video!

MWEB: What's each band member's best quality?

Daniel: Jeremy says it like it is. Like while we were still auditioning vocalists, he was responsible for matter-of-factly dismissing many hopefuls. He's kinda like the mafia - it's just business!
Rob: And he knows everyone. Whatever you need, he can get.
Jeremy: Dan's scissor jumping. He's been practicing for world champs.
Daniel: Rob always has beer in the fridge for practices. And for recreational use.

MWEB: Where do you see yourselves five minutes from now?

Jeremy: KFC drive through
Daniel: Probably where I am right now, watching TV.
Rob: I'll tell you when I figure out where I am now. Where's my beer?

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- Interview by Jean Barker

Aces High - Daniel Nugent (Vocals/guitar), Jeremy Fenn (Bass), and Rob Ruhrmund (Drums) were surprise finalists in the 2005 Emerging Sounds Band Competition. They will release their first E.P. in February 2006. We asked the 10 questions - here are the results.

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