72 Hours: Overheard at Oppikoppi

2007-08-13 16:48
Camp site and toilets

After this: Boobies, bands, boogie-men in our 72-Hour Wrap-up

No way...
Lost Woman: I'm looking for my foot pump. Where's my foot pump?
Makeup-bitch Male: There's probably someone with a foot pump fetish around here.

Guy 2 Guy while pissing: No I don't want to diss him. Not right now, anyway.

Off-duty worker-guy to buddies at Campsite: So I go up to her and I go (fakes a clap, strokes a cheek) "Hey baby".
Lollypop Friend: What did she do.
Off-duty Guy: She's like... Quahh! (reels back from her clap)

Oppikoppi, Affiekoppi

Journo Dude to Shivering Girl: (While walking up hill) Apparently Brian Richie hates Gordon Gano so much that he won't even share transport with him. So when the transport arrived to go to the gig and there was only one space next to Gordon, he says: "I'll walk". So he walked?
Drinking Man: What? Why?
Shivering Girl: He sold the rights to ... what?
Journo Dude: "Blister in the Sun", to Wendy's Burgers.
Drinking Man: What? Oh no! I can't believe it.
Plus, extra extra tonight only!

Way of the Dassie Jokes: 'cause we had a drink too

Why did the Dassie burn down the campsite?
- There were malicious in tents

Why did the Dassie cross the road?
- To shag the chicken

What porn film does Dassie star in?
- Dassie Does Dallas, featuring the famous line: "Now, Mr Groenveld, I think you're going way too far."

What does an ANC dassie say when he comes to Cape Town?
- DA Sies! DA Sies! DA Sies!

What does a dassie say when things go wrong?
- Dassies life

And finally (drumroll.........)

What's the most important part of a dassie boxing match?
- The Weigh In of the dassies!

Can you do better? Course you can.

Overheard at Oppikoppi, plus some Way of the Dassie jokes we made up.

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