A quickie with HHP

2007-09-06 11:01
On being SA's Strictly Come Dancing king
It's funny, in high school one of my favourite songs we sang in chapel was a hymn called “Lord of the Dance”. I loved that song a lot. Not because I thought I was the Lord of the Dance (FYI, I think anyone can dance) but mainly because of the lyrics and the way it was written. Now, 11 or so years later, here I am LORD OF THE DANCE ’07…LOL! Honestly I’m very proud of myself. This is a title that no rapper, or muso, will take from me for a while (unless maybe they get L’vovo or Slikour from Skwatta Kamp on the next season). I’ve set the bench mark and that feels awesome. The only problem occurs when random gogos on the street ask me to dance for them. Then I want to crawl under a rock!

On profanity and derogatory words in hip hop…
Profanity and Hip Hop go together like STDs and Prostitution....it can be prevented but chances of that happening are very slim. Hip Hop is an art of true self expression, although ironically most of what rappers write about is seldom true. I personally use profanity only and only if I’m trying to drive point home. Otherwise – because I cater for a broader audience – I stick to PG lyrics.

On the Mzansi Hip Hop scene…
Mzansi has become the new Hip Hop capital in Africa – if not the world. Because of the fusion of indigenous language and culture to the art form, it has become unique and that entices foreign ears. Currently the only thing lacking with South African Hip Hop is the business aspect of it. Just five years ago we were the ‘street kids’ of the industry and now because of mass and coorperate interest in the genre, we’re forced to be professional and to have proper structures put in place to work and that is still going to take us a while to figure out. I personally still have problems with sticking with management , booking agencies and such. Mare (but), give us another five years and we’ll be balling.

On how he handles disagreements with people he works with…
I’m still learning how to handle disagreements with people I work with. Luckily God gave me the best team anyone could ask for. I apply some of my skills I learnt from my RAU days of studying Interpersonal Communications. Everyone is different and should be approached differently when solving grievances. My dad calls it ‘Conflict Resolution Management’. Ask me this question again three years from now and I’ll tell you how its been.

On love…
My thoughts on love?!?!?! Love is loving yourself. By loving and understanding one’s self, you’ll be able to recognise what it is to love another. It begins with self actualisation. (cheesy answer neh?!)
On living the rock and roll lifestyle…
If waking up at 12 noon; drinking wine from 14h00; recording music ‘til 4am; waking up the next day at 6am to make a flight to Botswana for a music store appearance at 11am; catching a flight back to SA for a show in Bloemfontein at 18h00 only to have the show start 4 hours later and the promoter of the show ends up not paying you; and finally having to spend another hour with the fans posing for their cell phone cameras is considered the rock and roll lifestyle? Then I’d say its mouthful. But if you mean getting an extra cheese burger at MacDonalds because you’re served by a fan or having a traffic officer not give you a ticket because you’re his daughter’s favourite artist…? Then I’d say it flipping rocks!

The stupidist thing he's done...
The stupidest thing I’ve ever done…doing the samba in a pink outfit and an afro. I think that takes the cake.

The worst gig he's played...
This year I played at the JHB stadium during the youth day celebrations. I thought it was going to be an awesome gig considering kids of all ages where let inside for free and you know; kids love JABBA. I had a whole live band set prepared for them, but they HATED IT. They all wished I came out and performed with a cd. Although a few hectic fanatics showed love from beginning to end, the rest kept shouting “’dedela banye…udedela banye”(don’t even know what that means). That 24.com, was my worst gig ever.

Your favourite song ever OR what's playing in your iPod
My all time favourite song is a track by Abba "Dancing Queen". That is the best written/composed song in the history of music in my books.

The one question he's never been asked but are dying to answer?
That’s a brilliant question jo…brilliant I tell you… WHY DO YOU DO WHAT IT IS YOU DO?! I do it because I can.

If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing?
If I weren’t answering these questions, I’d be on myspace.com/hiphoppantsula or facebook catching up with my people. Or I’d be watching something mindless like BBA or Idols 4.

If you weren't musicians, what would you be?
If I weren’t a muso, I’d be a film maker or a stage actor. I plan to still pursue those dreams when my rhyming well dries up.

If you weren't human, what animal or object would you be?
If I weren’t human, I’d want to be women’s underwear (Bra or Panty)

Your favourite fairground ride? Why?
I love the scary cave ride. I love being shaken up. Also the merry go round is mad romantic. I went on it with my lady when we were still expecting our son. I loved the view.

- Nomfundo H Mbaba+Tshabalala

Reckon all hip-hop is macho? Not if HHP has anything to rap about. This hip hop pantsula is SA's lord of the dance. His all time favourite song is Abba’s “Dancing Queen”! We caught up with Strictly Come Dancing's reigning heavyweight champion.

Watch HHP work it live

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