Annie Lennox: Baring her Soul - Annie Lennox: Baring her Soul

2006-03-29 10:55

After a lifetime as the extravagant leading lady in the Eurhythmics and almost a decade playing mom, pop diva Annie Lennox is finally ready to bare all with a deeply personal and soul soaked new album simply entitled Bare. The 50-something singer strips away all surface cliches to reveal the real Annie.

M-WEB: With Eurythmics you went through a chameleon like set of personas. On Bare is this you finally?
ANNIE: It's deeper, it's more profound in a sense. I'm not hiding behind any personas really. I think it's very emotional, actually, very powerful in that sense. I'm 48 and soon - yeah, I'll be 50. That's okay, I like it, I like to be my age. I like to bring that experience into what I'm doing now. And I want to be strong, you know? The thing about touring is that it's very physically challenging. So I take it like a test - just see how it goes, you know? And I'm really up for it, actually.

M-WEB: Just how autobiographical are the songs?
ANNIE: Most artists are speaking from personal experience to a degree and part of it is fictitious also because it's all kind of an invention too. It's not autobiographical absolutely, but obviously it's coming from me, from the core of my soul and I like to think when I write that people connect with it. So I'd like to think that what happens is people actually personalise the songs and they become part of them. But when I love great music the songs I listen to become sort of my tapestry, the fabric of my experience you know? I think parts of this album will make people quite reflective. It is a deeply thoughtful piece of work.

M-WEB: Do you think your music is relevant to contemporary audiences?
ANNIE: All I can tell you is that I go out into the world and I see a lot of people that...suffer (laughs at her choice of words). And I think that the music that's being played currently is great and I love it, but there's not a great deal of new music that's coming out that will maybe make you more intellectually/emotionally reflective. Possibly my record will be in that place. I'd like to think so. So in that case there are millions of people! (chuckles) that will identify with this.

M-WEB: You've often been called a "survivor"?
ANNIE: I do feel like a survivor, but I don't think that I'm exceptional in any particular way because I think, who doesn't suffer? There's not one person not suffering, not one person. Even if they think they're happy, in some way there's always some kind of difficulties and life will always present you with difficulties. So you have to find a way to get through them, you know? A lot of us are just drinking excessively or taking a lot of drugs to numb the pain from the suffering. Maybe we don't even know that we're suffering, we're just sort of into this thing. And you have to look at that - that's part of human experience you know? So, I get that label because yes, I sing about pain and obviously great songs are full of pain and they're full of joy at the same time. So I'm contradictory and life is contradictory and the two things always co-exist.

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