2009-08-28 14:43
Interview: Bosson

Q: What do you think you're best at – singing or songwriting?
A: I think I'm a little bit all round… good at, or bad at (laughing) everything! I've always been performing and I know I can, like, go out on stage and entertain an audience for a while, but I've always done it in my own way. I also get a lot of credit for my songwriting, and for writing catchy melodies. And sometimes, for writing a little bit of cool lyrics. I try to write something that means something.

Q: For a man, you have a very high pitched voice. How do you achieve this sound?
A: You don't want to know (laughs)! No, I always had that kind of voice. I did imitate Michael Jackson, maybe 11 or 12 years ago. But I wanted to bring forward what's special about my voice. I started singing a little bit of RnB and soul, and I thought there are so many people that are much better [at it] than me, so what am I good at? Maybe I'll do some Michael Jackson impersonations at Friday night's show.

Q: How did you react to Michael Jackson's death?
A: He was kind of untouchable. We were kind of reminded that if he can die, we can die. Because he can't die, can he? He has to live forever! He lived a tragic life, and was treated really bad I think. I'm working on a new album… and I wrote a song that I kind of dedicated to him. It's about how strange it can be that this guy who's just trying to make the world a better place, and give as much love as he can, and he got so much bad stuff for it. There's no one like him, who can show his sensitive side and stand up for it.

Q: How has Sweden's 'rich' pop history - okay, ABBA - helped your career?
A: I think we're brought up with it and it influences the next generation, and inspires. And it's not only ABBA, we have a lot of bands and groups in Sweden that play these almost cheesy songs. They dance to it, but the character of the melody is maybe a little bit from the 60s. We have something… But I'm inspired by music from the 80s.

Q: If you could cover one ABBA song, what would it be and why?
A: Dream World maybe, but I don't think it was ever released. It's a great melody and song. Otherwise it would be "Thank You For the Music" because it has a good message.

Q: Swedes are known for their beauty. How has this helped you?
Bosson: I don't know about that…
Sam: Have you seen Alexander Skarsgard? He's the most beautiful man on the planet!
Bosson: Oh yes, do you follow that series (True Blood)?
Sam: Of course!
Bosson: Yeah, people say that when they come to Sweden… we have very beautiful girls, and the guys too… I don't know… but when I travel the world, you come to exotic places, and maybe here in South Africa you have mixed black and white, and mulatas, and things like this… I always liked more dark people, maybe it's because we are so blonde in Sweden so we are kind of like, okay, like something more exotic. It's all about personal taste in the end. If everybody would fall in love with Alexander Skarsgard or Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, then everybody would have to settle with something less.

Q: Your hit "One In A Million" was written for your ex-girlfriend, a former beauty queen. Can you tell us why you broke up?
A: I don't know really… she was travelling a lot for her career, and then when my career took off I was travelling a lot… it's very difficult to keep a relationship when there's so much travelling. But we stayed in touch… I probably treated her too good too, sometimes it can be like that. I kind of spoiled her a little bit… there was a bit of an age gap between us, and we were at different places in our lives.

Q: Here are some of your song titles and I would like you to complete the sentence:
A: "I Can Feel Love" when… ever.
"Rain in December" is… not snow in November.
"I've got a Hole In My Heart" because… I've probably lost the one I love.
"I've said a Definite Goodbye to"… someone not because I wanted to, because I had to.
"I'm a Simple Man Wishing for"… something better.

We chatted to Swedish singer/songwriter Bosson when he jetted into South Africa last week. He's a real romantic at heart, so it's no wonder that knees buckle and panties drop at his shows! Find out more about this cool crooner.
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