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Candy Says... - Candy Says... Ms Hillebrand rolls with it

2006-03-29 10:55

With the recent release of her debut CD, Chasing your Tomorrows, Candice has sidelined her KTV presenter past to reveal her inner rock chick personality, complete with forthright lyrics and surprisingly edgy guitars.

But is she just another rock 'n roll wannabe, or is she the real deal?

M-Web: Do you think the hard-edged nature of your album is gonna surprise a lot of people?
CANDICE: I would definitely say it's leaning more towards kind of hard rock than pop rock. But these days you've got to keep it commercial as well in terms of the market. So I've tried to push it as edgy as I've been allowed to go by the record label. Some record labels that I saw were like "you're so not rock, you've got to go pop." And I'm like "f*** off! I'm so not going pop!" (laughs) It's more an expression of self than being told what to do.

M-Web: Some of your lyrics are pretty provocative, is it fair to say they're confessional?
CANDICE: Very much so, absolutely! I really try and keep it quite lyrically intensive. Two years I got invited to Washington for an international poetry competition and won a bronze medal, which was really cool. So a lot of people don't really know my writing background. As far as writing goes the stuff I write is quite dark. A lot of the pop music these days just comes along and doesn't say anything. With the world being so screwed up if you've got a viewpoint you should stand up and say it.

M-Web: Are you happy with the inevitable comparisons to Alanis and Tori?
CANDICE: That's fine. Everybody wants to bracket it and until you've broken it in your own capacity you're always going to be compared to somebody. So yeah, I'm comfortable with that kind of thing. I know as far as the South African public goes I've got a lot of projections to break. And I think I do that. I know the music just speaks for itself.

M-Web: Most people know you as a TV talking head or sexy pin-up. How are you changing that perception?
CANDICE: It's got a lot to do with the background I came from - having been almost famous in this country from a young age. You're almost figuring out who you are while people have a vision of who you should be. So I felt I've been more private and who I really am has been kept more at bay. And I've been putting out an image that's not really who I am. And now that I'm comfortable with myself, it's more like "this is who I am" and if you don't like it - stuff it. If you do - cool!

M-Web: Singer or actress?
CANDICE: I'm still so passionate about my acting, it will always be part of it for me. But it's weird how it works. What I'm finding is that overseas they're really excited about the music so the roles have stepped up to the kind of roles that I want. With a bit of an edge. I don't only want to play these straight-laced characters.

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