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Derek "The Bandit"

- Derek "The Bandit" Richardson interview

2006-03-29 11:04

Lamese Abrahams for MWEB: What is life like after leaving 5FM?
Derek "The Bandit" Abrahams: It's been wonderful. There's always life and things didn't end after 5FM. Life goes on.

MWEB: Did you know that your contract what not going to be renewed?
No, but I saw the writing on the wall about two years ago already.

MWEB: What do you think about the syndicated shows that replaced a proudly South African show such as yours that gave local DJs and producers a platform? DA: It is sad, but at the same time, I'm at 92.7 Campus Radio and Barney Simon is at TUKS FM, so it still gives us an outlet to promote South African stuff.

MWEB: What is the main difference between being on 5FM and now being on Campus Radio?
DA: The main difference is that I'm not national anymore but I still go out and am recognised on a national level. On Campus I am regional but still recognised nationally.

MWEB: Dance clubs in South Africa seem to be taking a hit at the moment - there are more DJs but fewer clubs interested in this genre. What do you foresee for dance music in SA?
I don't think things are going down. Clubs always come and go. We are heading to winter and people are hibernating.

MWEB: Dance-music DJs have been forced to consider pirate radio stations to get their music onto the air. What do you think of this?
DA: It's sad that it has to go down this way. There's always red tape and things take time. It's a process to get a new license and things don't happen overnight but this will give scope for more radio stations.

MWEB: Is there any particular time that you prefer to be on air?
DA: At the moment I'm doing two shows. Wednesday and Saturday between six and nine. I'm loving it. It's warm-up show to get people ready to go out.

MWEB: Your Chill Out album goes down a mellower avenue than any of your other offerings? Is there any particular reason for this?
DA: This album was just an extension of the chill genre. My trip in 2000 to Ibiza ignited the spark and that's where I got the idea to put something together. Back in the day, big dance parties had chill rooms - and people will always want to chill out.

MWEB: What was it like in Ibiza?
DA: It's amazing! You have to experience it. It's an energetic island with a strong dance scene, but there are even families that are there on holiday together.

MWEB: Approximately how much vinyl do you own and what format do you prefer?
DA: About 10 000 (vinyls), but I stopped playing vinyl about a year ago - I couldn't carry the record bag! I play CDs now, and the new inventions are nuts! If you don't like the break in a song or any other particular part, you can just edit it out.

MWEB: Who's your favourite local DJ?
On the harder side I think Dizzy is amazing and his production is also great. On the funky side I would have to say Ryan Dent and Craig De Sousa.

What's your favourite track?
DA: Paul Van Dyk "For an Angel", without a doubt.

MWEB: What are your future plans?
DA: I'll be at Campus Radio for May and then I'm working on something in July. Life is wonderful!

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