Dit Pomp Wildernis Hier Binnekant

2008-09-24 07:02
The boys are back and it's like they've never been gone. Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but it all stuck like glue. Almost each song was expertly woven into the next for a one-of-a-kind experience, like a best-of compilation spanning five albums and six years. Hunter's put away that somewhat solemn expression he wears in aKING and he’s back to screaming till his eyes pop out, flicking his 'mopkop' and just losing it on stage. Frannie's cocked left wrist made a welcome comeback as did the cool-as-a-cucumber Johnny.

There's a silly notion doing the rounds that aKING + Van Coke Kartel = Fokofpolisiekar. But just like mayonnaise, the result is so much more than the sum of its parts. Could Johnny de Ridder be the heart of Fokofpolisiekar (as the only member of FPK not in VCK or aKING)? I'll be the first to say that there are three separate entities here and I don’t think it’s fair to compare them. However, the slick, polished performance and nostalgic nature of a Fokofpolisiekar live show is something aKING and Van Coke Kartel don't have... just yet. Maybe getting back together for an album and a few shows gives them all inspiration for their offshoot projects. Because together, they’re magic.
Fascinatingly enough, the biggest song of the evening was their most laid back, "(Ek) Skyn Heilig". I could hear more from the crowd than from the microphone. As Francois slams the mic into his soaking skull to "My kop klop", fans look possessed, voices are being torn and hearts are jumping out of chests. FPK aren't big because they’re rebellious, foul-mouthed or brash. They're insanely huge because their lyrics have this scary ability to make you bare your soul. To make you relive experiences. To make you want to scream.

Fans like me have come to know that when the last chord of "Fokofpolisiekar" is strummed, the show's over. And I never expect more, because they’re too cool for encores. Hunter, Jaco and Wynand left the stage while Johnny and Frannie started playing a little gem called "Tiny Town". For only the second time in my life I had the pleasure of raising my arms, closing my eyes and screaming along to my all-time favourite line: "My greep op my geloof glip gereeld". Hunter, you genius, you! That was the cherry in my cocktail.

Fokofpolisiekar have always teased their fans, dabbling with little 4 track EPs and snoep 40 minute shows, leaving us drooling for more. "Ek's die een wat jou wil red en dan martel" (Lugsteuring). This is my addiction and they are my dealers. Whatever they bring, I'll take.

- Sam Brighton

This was my 25th Fokofpolisiekar live experience and it was 25 times better than the first. As always, the rock stars waited until 11h30pm to rip through the crowd’s taut anticipation with Antibiotika. It's the perfect track to replace the traditional opening number, "Brand Suid Afrika".

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