Exclusive Download: Luminaire One

2010-09-10 10:26
The Sleepers were voted the 2009 Band of the Year by readers of Cape Town music magazine YourLMG. They have made available four tracks from live recordings, exclusively for Channel24.

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Porcelain Jaw
We Hid Downwind
Promises to Keep

(Includes lyrics and exclusive artwork)
The Sleepers - Luminaire One


Simon Tamblyn of The Sleepers writes:

The Sleepers recorded two live shows - one acoustic and one electric - in their entirety a few months ago. So, we are very happy to announce that we have released four songs from these two performances for free for your downloading pleasure under the name, Luminaire One - the first installment of a series of downloads. Our own very talented Nicolai Roos spent hours mixing these tracks (check out Black River Studios).

The four songs are "Porcelain Jaw", "We Hid Downwind", "Restriction" and "Promises To Keep". "Restriction" and "Promises To Keep" are both on our debut album A Signal Path (2009) - which is available at music stores nationwide.

"Porcelain Jaw" and "We Hid Downwind" are newer compositions, and will appear on our upcoming album. "Promises To Keep", "Porcelain Jaw" and "Restriction" was recorded on the 6th of July 2010 at Mercury Live at an amazing show with our Pretorian friends, Isochronous.

"We Hid Downwind" was recorded at the same venue but a month earlier for our Uncircled acoustic performance with Benguela. "We Hid Downwind" features the backing vocals and deft mandolin work of songsmith, Andy Lund.

Besides the release of this Live EP, we are currently working with acclaimed producer Dirk Hugo (Wild Eyes, Blk Jks, Andy Lund and The Mission Men) on an EP. This EP will hopefully be in your hands by early 2011. We have also started tracking drums and bass for our next album and we're also busy writing tons of new material, most of which you will hear at our next few shows. Enjoy Luminaire One.

Simon Tamblyn, The Sleepers

Lauri 2010/09/10 6:04 PM
This is great Guys.
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