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2006-03-29 11:03

"Dear Old Dad" - Ron Brown
Ok, this one is horribly cheesy but it is a great intro song to this CD. Firstly, if your rather is still young enough to find it funny, it makes a good light hearted opener, and if he's old enough to find it funny, it's a great closer. Secondly, the MP3 is available for free, for educational purposes of course. Never heard of Ron Brown? No problem. Neither have we, until today. Click for that MP3

"Daughters" - John Mayer off Heavier Things
Mayer's slick middle of the road and Grammy Winning ballad will touch the heart of any FM listener, especially if they don't mind being tuned about parenting by a 24-year-old. You might already have it if you've bought this Grammy Nominees Compilation.

"Teach your children " - Crosby Stills & Nash (off any Greatest Hits)
A comforting, old-fashioned song by that bunch of hippies, about looking to the future. It's very big on inter-generational communication. "Teach your children well / their father's hell did surely go by"

"The living years" - Mike and the Mechanics
Either you love it, or you hate it. Or you don't know it. In which case, you never listened to 80s radio, and don't listen to KFM now.

"Papa" - Salif Keita
Something from Africa. A moving song about Keita's relationship with his father. He was ostracised for being and Albino in Mali, and for choosing music, when as a son from a prestigious family he had no real need even for work. Actually, the CD, also called Papa would make a good father's day gift for the Dad with taste.

"Oxygen" - Willy Mason
Off the young star's great debut album, Where the Humans Eat. It's not about fatherhood, it's about good things to be when you grow up. Nothing makes parents prouder than having children who aspire to great things. Album review, song clips

"Wrapped Around the Moon" - Koos Kombuis
You can love your father even if you have a difficult relationship with him. Koos Kombuis paints a moving picture of this problem on an unusual English song. Use it, don't use it... it's off Equilibrium. Album review, song clips

"The River" - Bruce Springsteen
Of his classic album The River. Ok, it's a sad song. It tells about a boy who gets his lover Mary knocked up by mistake and marries her to have the kid, losing his youth. It's sad but it might also help you say to your father "Hey, I know you gave some things up to have me..."

"Long Time Coming" - Bruce Springsteen
Off his latest brilliant CD/DVD package, Devils & Dust. It's not all coming up roses, but it's a beautiful ballad off an expectant father. Album review, song clips

"Father and Son" - Cat Stevens
Pre-conversion conversational song in which father and son give each other advice and comfort.

"Unforgettable" - Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole (duet)
A touching posthumous father and daughter duet. Unforgettable, that's what you are... Stick it at the end of the CD to sweeten it like dessert sweetens a good meal. Album review and song clips here

... Perhaps things aren't so rosy between you and Dad? Music is a good way to tell him a few things that may be on your mind. Mix these in if they fit!

"Halie's Song" - Eminem
Watch out for bad language... but there are some tender moments in this track about family love lost and found, suitable for the hipper, more happening dads.

"Papa don't preach" - by Madonna
You a rebellious daughter? Say it like it is by including this song. It's an oldie but that means he'll remember it! He might even remember thinking it was the perfect song for your very own mother to sing to her father. Creepy!

Happy Father's Day! And if you don't have time to make him a mixed CD, just head to our e-cards site and send him a musical card. It's easy. And it's free, but of course, it's the thought that counts. Click here for e-cards.

And remember, if he says he doesn't care about father's day, it probably just means he doesn't want more socks and underpants.

- Jean Barker

When making a compilation, remember that it's not about the individual songs, it's about what they mean together. Mix these up where the beats match, depending what kind of thing your father likes, and what kind of Dad he is. Add a few songs you know he likes. Not all of the tracks below are all that positive, so use at your discretion:

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