Four Factor: Hip Hop Wars Part 2

2007-07-18 10:05
This weeks four factors rated out of 10 are:

Godfather Factor: Who is the pioneer of the scene? Who is holding it down? And who should bow down?

Bling Factor: Do these rappers rock the latest fashion, jewelry, gadgets, and cars? Or are they down to earth type of brothaz and sistaz?

Consciousness Factor: Who’s staying true to the game? Who has been sucked by corporate capitalism?

It’s a rap Factor: They can rap, but are they quotable?

The playaz:


Godfather Factor: Zero. Zubz originally hails from Zim. (0)

Bling Factor : He knows ‘blinging’ is part of the culture. He knows this doesn’t mean he has to practice it himself. - (10)

Consciousness factor: Cosmically lyrical: he knows the medium is the message. Big up for that - (8)

It’s a rap factor: “Most people believe the true measure of success would be to see Zubz being nominated for a Grammy and dropping a single featuring TI, Mary J Blige and Jamie Foxx, debuting at #2 on the Billboard Charts! All of which is a farce really. In order to penetrate foreign markets, I believe we need to have mastered local ones. In doing so, we can apply the same principles to those markets with some measure of success. So far in my opinion, Hip Hop hasn’t even mastered the SA market”. Zubz – (9)

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Godfather Factor: The Man has been in the game for so long. So many cats aspire to him its crazy. So yeah, definitely one of the Godfathers of Hip Hop.– (10)

Bling Factor: Hell yeah, he is living it up but it’s never in our faces - that’s the cool part. – (8)

Consciousness Factor:Despite dropping nothing new since 2003, he has been the lyrical backbone for most tongue-tied emcees coming out today. Silence is not a bad thing: it just gives him more ‘Amunition’ when he decides to blow up again. – (8)

It’s a rap factor: “For me it's political. There's reason why guys like 50 Cent get publicity. White America likes it when they see black people being stupid; rapping about killing black people. When a white kid listens, he can go home to his comfortable suburb and home and not have to face what he hears in the lyrics. But for a black kid it's different, he could end up emulating what he hears on the record. As soon as an artist sings about something political and conscious, they are ignored or there's an outcry. Look at how the media was all over Kanye West after his Bush comments. Until black people realise what we are being fed, only then can we make a difference.” - Amu (8)

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Emile X

Godfather Factor: As Black Noise’s CEO he has been keeping the Cape conscious for…well, it seems like ever! He knows the in’s and out’s of the culture backwards. So much so he even wrote a book about it .- (10)

Bling Factor: No need to: he’s just one of those ‘ouens’ that like to keep it simple. – (5)

Consciousness factor: Huge: as we mentioned, he even wrote a whole book about consciousness and identity and all that jazz…sorry, I mean Hip Hop. - (10)

It’s a rap factor: “Hip Hop is rock, jazz, R&B, funk, punk, etc and whatever experimental sound you want it to be. It is unboxable and always growing. Hip Hop encompasses all facets of life and beyond. It is the San people dancing around an ancient fire and it is a MC or philosopher telling a boardroom full of multinational companies to go a fuck themselves. It is change itself and we all know that change is REVOLUTION”- Emile (10)

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Godfather Factor: None. Still a rookie in this game, though it should be mentioned that the Vinger is making waves wherever he rhymes. Let’s see in the next two years or so – (1)

Bling Factor: SA’s answer to Snoop? Well, can the man go national first before we can even consider him and bling in the same sentence? (5)

Consciousness Factor: I am yet to see or hear a head that claims to be in it for the fun, all these guys are in the ‘conscious movement’. Jitsvinger’s dexterous raps about the life in the Cape Flats are both bling and conscious. For bridging that chasm alone he gets an - (8).

It’s a rap factor:“Afrikaans Hip Hop is rare, there’s a gap. The sound of the language, the way you can make it roll. Instrumentalise, I like the Cape, but I’d like to have a little taste of what’s outside the Cape.” Jitsvinger –( 9)

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Zubz- 27
Amu- 34
Emile- 35

and the winner is...

Say what?! Uh-huh. Like you didn’t expect the Mother City to win this one….

Thobeka Linda

There has been a lot of hype regarding the Hip Hop scene in the country. Heads are out to prove who is ‘keeping it real’ and ‘who ain’t’. It’s a jungle out there. History teaches us that the pioneers of Mzansi Hip Hop hailed from the Mother City. But last week’s Four Factor had us believing all the action is dropping in Jozi. Or is it? This week we rate some of the solo emcees who’ve played a pivotal role in shaping South African Hip Hop. Who is Hip? Who is not? These are the questions that need publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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