Four Factor: Khanyi Mbau vs. Paris Hilton

2007-12-06 12:39
We rate these two tabloid queens according to our strict criteria:

Tabloid Slut factor: Not only are they crowned as Queens of bling but they have a sterling bag of publicity shenanigans to boot. Who has mastered the art of making sure they're spread wide on several tabloid publications 24/7?

Sugar daddy factor: They say they are of royal blood but we all know that money can buy you just about anything. Especially if you have a rich daddy or even better, a daddy that gives you a whole lot of sugar.

X-factor: Sure they're rich and famous and can buy their way into a music career. But bling aside - what is their claim to fame?

Blonde factor: Are these bling chics for real or is the joke on us? They know for sure that you love to hate them. Who's buying into the act or is it really an act?

Paris Hilton
Sugar-Daddy factor: Paris doesn't need no sugar daddy because she is set for life. Daddy Hilton fulfilled all her wanton desires until she was 18. The 26-year-old hotel heiress says she's actually been making her own money since then, despite being raised with a platinum spoon in her mouth. Paris doesn't need to offer men twice her age a night or two in Paris for fancy Italian sports cars. She can play with boys her own age and make trashy home videos while at it, because she knows that daddy and his stash will always have her back. 9

Tabloid Slut factor: Paris Hilton has been around! Even your grandmother knows about her pretty and petty crimes. Hilton has been splashed all over the media from her modelling days to her nights behind bars. The girl knows how to keep all eyes glued on her. 10

X factor: Ms. Hilton is a businesswoman, an author, a porn star (oops, we mean actress) and a recording artist. As her album Paris proved, the pretty hotel heiress is simply a jack of all trades and master of none. 5

Blonde factor: DNA baby. Need we say more? On the real though, Paris is a smart cookie. She knows what sells and she is selling it to the max. We just love to feed on misery, drama and scandal and Miss Goldilocks is working it to the bone. She's blonde, rich, sexy and scandalous. Now we've got to give props where they're due. Paris doesn't really give a damn whether you hate her or not. As long as we keep watching and talking, she keeps walking. And laughing all the way to the bank! As they say, she who laughs last laughs longest. 10

Khanyi Mbau
Sugar-Daddy factor: Ms. Mbau knows exactly where her bread is buttered. What happened when her man, Mandla made the mistake of calling her a gold digger during their legendary lovers tiff at the SAMA awards? Simple: the heiress got her madala to buy her a Lamborghini Gallardo to apologise. And then there was the whole Theunis Crous drama where she snatched the 51-year-old construction tycoon from his wife Primrose. Scandalous! Knowing how to milk your sugar daddy is something Khanyi is a pro at. (10)

Tabloid Slut Factor-: She's got the paparazzi and celeb-watchers wrapped around those blinged-up fingers thanks to her outspoken diva attitude. But you know what? It works for her. Even though it's been more than two years since she sizzled up the small screen, people are still talking about her stint in Muvhango. And in an interview on Motswako recently she actually had the audacity to compare her straight-talking self to none other than Brenda ‘Ma Brrr’ Fassie! With such self-pimping no wonder the Mzansi media really luurves to hate her. (10)

X-factor: She scorched up the screen as the scheming Doobsie (in Muvhango). So she can manage to look good in expensive designer outfits that match her well-worked out body. But bootylicious is about it as far as her (se)X-factor goes. We can't say much about this social butterfly's singing skills either. If her latest album Khanyi is anything to go by. She should stick to her mama-drama, which is obviously where her talents lie. (4)

Blonde Factor: "My dreams were always about wanting to be a princess. I grew up around your Cinderellas, your Alice's in Wonderland, and I actually believed there was a world out there in which animals could talk," says Khanyi in a recent article in True Love Babe. Nope, that's not the bleach talking, that's genuine blondeness. (10)

Take the True Love Babe celebrity quiz if you think you know everything about Miss Bling.

Scores (out of 40)
Paris Hilton - 34
Khanyi Mbau – 34

Ladies and gentleman a first in the history of the four factor… we actually have a tie! So you Yankees, goes to show that Mzansi's media whores are just as good as yours. Well done girls! Now let's go shopping.

-Gugu Mkhabela and Thobeka Linda

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