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Four Factor - Pop and Pap Idols

2007-09-05 11:47
This week's four factors rated out of 10 are:

Survival factor: Yes they can all hold a note but are they still holding it down? Are they setting the pop-charts ablaze with hit after hit or were they just one-hit wonders?
Pap factor: How many albums have they released since they started entering the competition and how many have they sold? Who sold platinum and is touring the world eating caviar? And who’s still only touring Mzansi dorpies and eating only pap and vleis?
Publicity factor: Sure Idols put them in the spotlight but has their scandalous laundry ever been aired in Shwashi's column. You know what they say ANY publicity is good publicity! And bad publicity ensures you stay in the game.
Star Quality factor: Post-victory or loss who made their X-factor work for them. Will the real Pop idol please stand up?!

The pop/pap idols candidates are:

Heinz Winckler:

Survival factor: No not the 2minute noodle brand but Heinz Winckler. Winkie is not a bad looking bloke hey! And the dude’s clearly got some voice training from the school choir. Heck maybe that’s why he won the first SA Idols. Sure, many didn’t understand why he won but the fact that he’s still singing for his supper means he’s doing something right. Especially since he landed a leading role in the international hit musical Rent and is heading to the US next month. For those that have never heard of him or jammed to any of his tunes check our review out below. 7
Pap factor: Winckler’s debut single “Once in a lifetime” went double platinum in SA and was included in his subsequent debut album One step closer. He released his second album Come closer in 2004 and his third Moment of truth in 2006. He was nominated for two South African Music Awards including best single for “Once in a lifetime" and best pop album for One step closer. Plus he’s one of the Top 20 most successful recording artists in Mzansi. Sjoe! U go boy! If you didn’t know, now you know why Heinz is not a pap or tomato brand. 8
Publicity factor: Heinz is so on the down low. So low that not even Daily Sun /Die Son has the down low on him. Oh! Excluding a recent appearance on a TV show about his Rent gig and his lavish wedding that was splashed all over magazines late last year. Squeaky-clean boy. 5
Star Quality factor: Heinz has an above average voice and is a pretty boy. "Hunky Heinz" has ladies drooling all over him and it got him very far. Of course, now that he’s tied the knot his female fans might not be that starry-eyed. 5

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Ayanda Nhlangothi

Survival factor: Ayanda went on a bit of a hiatus from the industry after being booted off the Top Ten prematurely in the first season of Idols. Anyway, everyone’s bet for the top three spot moved on and featured on dynamic L’atitude presenter and poet, Lebo Mashile’s poetry album just to remind us that she’s still got game. Not only did she move on but way up to New York for almost a year performing as a singer, dancer and drummer in the the Off-Broadway musical Drumstruck. And now she’s resurfaced with her debut album, Music2me (umngoma). Ms Nhlangothi is back in the biz and it looks like she’s built up enough stamina to stay in the game. 7
Pap factor: Ayanda waited four years to release her debut. The album is a couple of weeks old and she’s getting plenty of airplay but we’ll patiently wait and see if she’ll be driving a beamer soon and ditching family braais for lunch with the president. 5
Publicity factor: Ayanda has enough talent and wit to keep afloat in the biz without resorting to scandalous gimmicks or dating a record-label honcho, sleeping with a band member, drugs or any baby-mama drama for exposure. At least we hope so! She’s appeared in the controversial Aids play Sarafina II and was a backing vocalist for the 80s pop group Mango Groove. Progressive, famous and successful without Shwashwi! Keep it up girl! 8
Star Quality factor: Ms Nhlangothi is from the famous South African Nokwe family which boasts her grandfather, South African actor and jazz singer Alfred.D Nokwe and Afro-jazz musician Nokwe as an aunt. It’s in the genes! Nhlangothi is not bad looking either; she’s an Amandla sister and is working it on her CD cover. 9


Survival factor: Zamajobe might have not won the second series of Idols but she truly is a winner in her own right. She immediately managed to shed the Idol image and forge her own identity as one of Mzansi’s most extraordinary talents, with her remarkable debut Ndawo Yami. Adding to her catalogue of achievements she represented South Africa at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005. And to add to her catalogue of achievements she represented SA at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005, the very first South African to be nominated. She came, she sang, she conquered and it looks like she’s going to be around for a while. 9
Pap factor: Zama’s debut exceeded sales of 25 000 and she deservedly achieved Gold status. As mentioned above she even went and represented SA at the MTV European Awards, so no doubt sister girl's been flying high and around. To prove how HOT Zama was (and still is) she even performed while she was expecting her first child. So it’s been all work and mo’ money! The only problemo though, is that sister girl has only released one album and it’s been three years now. So “Hey, Hey, Hey” it’s time for some new hits now Zama, the old ones have truly reached their sell by date. 9
Publicity factor: Zamajobe has had some episodes in the days of diva lives. She dated a popular soapie actor and later dumped him for a musician who had also made her pregnant. Fans were a bit shocked seeing that she was still quite young and had made public announcements about safe sex and pre-marital sex. Blame it all on Shwashi. 8
Star Quality factor: Miss thang has the voice, the body and the look, even after having a baby she’ still rocking it as a sexy jazzy mama! Zama is a charmer and she works it right every time. But it’s her voice that just wins hands down! The gal can sing and once again Zama, we need another album girl! We want more!! 8

Anke Pietrangeli

Survival factor: Anke who? That’s right! Where is she? Who is she again? For those who don’t know she won the second season of Idols. The “Kimberley Diamond” hasn’t been shining at all since she walked off the Idols stage. Never mind a one hit wonder; Anke was a one-show wonder! 0
Pap factor: She’s only released two albums since her victory in 2003. By heart was released in 2004 and the aptly titled Limbo in 2006. Sounds like someone has been eating a whole lot of boerewors and pap. 0
Publicity factor: If you want to know more about this long lost Idol you going to have to check her website out, most of it is in Afrikaans though. Other than that we’ve heard 0 about this sister. 0
Star Quality factor: Anke has a lovely voice and she’s a cutie. Miss Goldilocks needs to up her game big time to prove why she won the second season of Idols. 5

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Scores (out of 40 points)
Heinz – 25
Ayanda - 29
Zamajobe - 34
Anke – 5 (eish!)

Will the real Mzansi POP Idol please stand up?
A round of applause for Ms Zamajobe! We can’t wait for your new album!

-Gugu Mkhabela

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