Four factor: R&B Stars

2007-06-08 11:56
This week’s four factors are:

The Tightness Factor - Do they have it, do they know it, do they flaunt it?

The Brat Factor - Are they into the seeing–and-being-seen scene - basically how often do we see them in the tabloids and are they famous for causing a scene?

Histrionics Factor - Do they attempt to hit glass-breaking notes?

Ability to Collaborate - One factor that decides a musician’s longevity in South Africa is their ability to collaborate, how well do our candidates do it?

Our candidates, rated out of 10:


Tightness Factor: He’s been known to rock with some hip sunglasses, his GQ suit and tie style is quite tight, but word has it… so is his clutch on mommy’s apron strings. - 6

Brat Factor: He’s often described as a ‘nice guy’ (which probably has something to do with his choir-boy background). But when rumours started to circulate that he spent all the money from his first album on a yellow BMW (Babe-Magnet Wheels), his nice guy image somehow didn’t quite fit. - 5

Histrionics Factor: He’s got the voice to hit the notes (and by the wheezy, heard from a source that he makes love just like he sings… you decide what that means). - 7

Ability to Collaborate: He usually keeps it in the familia, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do collaborations, lets not forget the TKZ family! - 7 DANNY K

Tightness Factor: It would seem that Danny K has tightness down to the ‘T’, especially when it comes to his jeans (often wonder if his legs get claustrophobic in dem denims). Nonetheless, we give him a 7

Brat Factor: Um… ya! In the sense that he’s got the whole self-important complex going on. - 8

Histrionics Factor: I would have to say that the soprano thing is one of the few elements of Justin Timberlake’s style that Danny doesn’t attempt to imitate. Good choice Danny boy. - 4

Ability to Collaborate: His album with Mandoza… keeping it gangster right there. - 6

Review: Danny K and Madoza


Tightness Factor: Well, he’s tight in the sense that there’s nothing un-tight about him. He never throws his toys out of the cot, he never gets into fits, his street look is quite tight, his chilled vibe is tight, but all this tightness makes us a little sick. Our message to Ishmael: step out of line for once in your life! - 5

Brat Factor: We tried our utmost to dig up dirt on Ishmael, but would you believe, we didn’t find diddly squat. - 3 (Because no one can be that perfect)

Histrionics Factor: There’s no doubt that Ishmael can sing, but he keeps the vibrato low key. It’s been said that his voice gets him a lot of attention from the ladies. Hmm… maybe there’s dirt to be dug in that department? - 5

Ability to Collaborate: Collaborations seem to be his specialty! He’s been with Prophets of the City, Skeem and now joined Jozi. - 8


Tightness Factor: Yes, if you’re talking about how her clothes fit, then ‘tight’ would be just the word. She certainly flaunts what she’s got, but maybe she shouldn’t. - 4

Brat Factor: Although, she comes across as loud and (some would say) somewhat vulgar on TV, those who know her say she’s very down to earth; a sweet girl. So we’ll give her a 5 to be fair.

Histrionics Factor: Her voice is pleasant enough, but she ain’t no Whitney Houston. - 3

Ability to Collaborate: She’s collaborated with Mapaputsi and Brickz on her “Her We Go” album. - 6

Loyiso: 25
Danny K: 26
Ishmael: 21
Pam: 18

And the winner is…
Evidently, Danny K wins. Don’t know how that happened! But the numbers speak for themselves.

- Natalie Sineke

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