Godfather of church grooves - Godfather of church grooves

2008-11-29 11:47

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Get a taste of our interview with the text quickie below:

You wear many jackets: radio jock, DJ, producer, businessman. How do you separate the different personalities?
I’m a producer, I’m a dj, I’m a radio dj, I’m a label-owner. If you look at it, its all got to do with music. So I eat and breathe music twenty-four hours. So that’s my life, music is my life! They see me as the God-father! Whohoo!!

On being the last madala standing at Y-fm. A lot of people ask me that question. Guys have left, Fresh is at 5fm , Bad boy T is at Metro. Everyone just leaves the station. But for me, I love Y-fm because it keeps me in the streets. I don’t want to work for a bigger corporation where my mind is changed. You know, I’m a street boy, I’m always in the streets. If you put me in Cape Town (even if I’m in a national radio station) and you put a guy who’s on a national radio station, who fills up the clubs? Oskido fills the club! Because why? He’s in the streets. If you take me to Durban, Oskido is in the streets. If you take me to London town, Oskido’s in the streets! So why do I need a national radio station, where I’m going to be dictated to? I’m comfortable with where I am and I love my brand, Y-fm - dankie! Ngizo hlala ngilapho (I’ll always be there) yeah! (then sticks his tongue out).

You’re now on the sixth commandment, does this mean that when you get to the 10th commandment you’ll be done or move to Proverbs or what…
Laughs! I’ll be moving to the book of Revelations my sister! Watch this space…

The 10 Commandments of Mzansi House

1. Thou shalt not promote your New Jersey pal when people have come to see you
Oskido and his American buddy Dennis Ferrer are like two peas in a pod. They’ve played together during his sojourns in the states and he even collaborated with him on his new album. No doubt he played well, but we were all aching to dance to Oscar’s street anthems!

2. Thou shalt not start our set when the birds start chirping
So, the gig was supposed to start at 9pm. But keeping in mind the concept of African time, we all know that means we should expect it to start pumping no earlier than midnight. That’s alright. We’ve come to terms with that since most DJs seem to be doing it. But our friend Oskido, decided to grace us with his presence not at midnight but at 2am! And he only played about three songs nogal! He might as well have stayed at home.

3. Thou shalt not entice drunken fans with booty babes
Since when does Oscar need a sexy dancer to spice up his parties? That’s what we thought when we saw Tina, Kalawa Jazmee’s new Lebo Mathosa, no scrap that, the new Madonna, doing her I’m-too-sexy-for-you dance moves on that minute stage. You should have seen all the men in the club whipping out their camera phones to take snapshots of Miss Sexy. Sies maan!

4. Thou shalt not invite a posse of no-name friends on stage
First it was some girl in a pink dress who nobody knows what she was doing on stage! Then there were Oscar’s supporting acts Dennis and Tina who never got off the stage even after they had finished performing. And then, one thing that baffles us to this day is that blonde publicity chick! If anybody knows why she was on stage, please let us know.

5. Thou shalt not gawk at the DJ
Okay this one is for Oscar’s fabulous fans. What happened to bomajaivane strutting their stuff on the dance floor instead of staring at the DJ the whole night? Hello, spinning the disks is all Oscar can do. This is not a congregation and Oscar is definitely not a preacher!

6. Thou shalt not play in the dark
While dimmed lights may be perfect for a romantic dinner, we’re sure the same can’t be said for parties. Wait, coming to think of it the lights weren’t dimmed, they were off! One moment there were lights and the next moment we were bouncing around in darkness. It’s no wonder people weren’t dancing!

7. Thou shalt have a variety of drinks at the bar
Ja, ja. We know the party was sponsored by Miller but what about organizing a variety of ciders for the lovely ladies as well? And those bartenders definitely need more training – the service was absolutely horrifying! We almost got sober waiting for our drinks at the bar.

8. Thou shalt not pick such a small joint
Even if people wanted to dance, it would have been impossible to dance without bumping into someone. Surely, there are bigger and better venues in Cape Town than this match-box club we were squashed in!

9. Thou shalt not host exclusive gigs
Since Oskido is always going on about how he’s all about the streets, we wonder why we never saw posters about the gig around town. He was on SABC 1’s Live music show the week before the party but said nothing about coming to the Mother City. Just who was he afraid would rock up at this members only party?

10. Thou shalt not piss the police off
The Mother City police seem to be still stuck in apartheid mentality where the police could raid parties whenever they felt like it. The police stopped the gig because we were making too much noise. It’s a club for goodness sake! But with the kak the DJs were playing, by the time the police came no one wanted to stick around anyway. In fact we wish they had broken up the party sooner to rescue us from this no-lights-nightmare!

Gugu Mkhabela and Tiisetso Tlelima

We caught up with Oscar wa rona aka Oskido on his recent whistle-stop ‘Touch the Sky’ tour to celebrate and promote his multiple-platinum-selling 6th Commandment. The father of church grooves was definitely touching the sky as he passionately preached about his journey, the difference between house and kwaito and the book of revelations! Check the video interview and get the low-down on how his gig went with our 10 commandments of Mzansi House!

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