Going Up the Creek with Taxi Violence

2008-01-31 13:35
The entrants who correctly named Taxi Violence’s first album (Untie Yourself) and gave one of the four best suggestions win:
1. Two tickets to Up the Creek and
2. A braai and drinks with Taxi Violence, at the Festival (for themselves and a guest)

Taxi Violence has volunteered to fulfill a few of your fantasies, so make sure you’re at the gig to see them. Here’s where to buy tickets if you didn’t win them! Fans who rock up a the gig will get a second chance to drink with the band.

We picked up a few tendencies in the suggestions we received.

The most common? A hell of a lot of people (mainly guys) wanted Taxi Violence to dress up in women's clothes, and Melt Nigrini even elaborated as follows: "I would like to see the boys dress in drag and have themselves suspended from the roof whilst rocking out! And instead of lighting from above there must be lighting from below." Others suggested they perform naked or with socks on their "things that rhyme with socks". A few guys wanted naked chicks, and one suggested that the lead singer shoot video of girls’ boobs from the stage. The band clearly felt this was all too much effort, so no prizes for you, guy.

Can you play plugged in a plastic portable kiddies pool? One Chantel thought they should give it a shot "in one those kiddies ones". We say "This is a situation in which load shedding could save your life." Many fans also called out for Taxi Violence to do a cover of their favourite rock song, or a Britney song, or any kwaito number . The band loved the idea, but since it lacked originality we picked K.L. Farham, who suggested a specific song - Jacob Zuma’s "Umshini Wam".
Tons of suggestions involved a taxi. Others involved violence. A few people just said stuff like "sexy sexy sexy!" or "Fellate a horse", or "jtkl;jha;lja!". One girl suggested "the locomotion" and informed us, "I’m 18!". Sorry guys and ladyguys, no gold star for y’all.

Shoana wanted to see Taxi Violence covered in chocolate and dressed in ribbons, because it was her birthday this week. But Shelley Tyler - who entered the competition on behalf of her daughter Taryn Breytenbach, touched bassist Loedi’s heart when she asked that the band say happy birthday to her daughter from the stage.

A few people suggested the guys all swap instruments, so we just choose the one that suggested it first. Jonathan you score!

Singer George loved the idea that he get dressed up as Borat – we’re hoping it’s the version with the horrible yellow underpants, George. And finally, one guy suggested the following: "Tie up Andrew from Flat Stanley; bring him out on stage and tempt him with a stack of roast chickens and McDonald's burgers; then play "Untie Yourself" and see how quick he does is. My guess is under 10 seconds." It’s funny ‘cause it’s cruel! But it IS funny.

The winning suggestions are:

Kim Farham for: the "Play Umshini Wam" suggestion
Shelley Tyler: for her birthday generosity to her daughter
Jonathan King: For being the first to suggest the instrument swap idea – the band’s favourite overall.
Nicky Woodridge: You could bring Borat to SA and come on stage in the infamous " Borat Baywatch costume" (scary) and if none of these ideas tickle your fancy...I think you all should swap instruments for one song! George could play lead guitar; Loedi could go to drums; Louis could play base and backing vocals; and Rian is on lead guitar; shake it up a little and have some fun!!!!You guys can choose what you think would work best! Well that's my idea; use it; don't use it :) see you at up the Creek!

Which of these ideas will the band make reality? You’ll only see for yourself if you’re at the gig. In the meantime, get a taster of what to expect, by watching this killer Taxi Violence live video.

- Jean Barker

We’ve had hundreds of great entries in our Taxi Violence Up the Creek competition. At the end of the day, Rian, Louis, George and Loedi from Taxi Violence choose the four best suggestions in answer to the question "What would you like to see Taxi Violence do onstage?"

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