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Idol Hands do the Deck Work

2007-09-04 16:30
Wouldn't know your Niffty from your Neptunes? Reckon Redwood is something that you chase with a cola? Nope, these cats are an award-winning DJ pair is? Watch this!
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DJ Niffty and DJ Redwood recently won the African Hip Hop Indaba DJ battle. They’ll be jetting off to the UK for the DJ Champs – the first time a South African has been sent in 10 years. Can these deck buddies put Mzansi turntablism back on the global DJ map?

We ask them a platter of questions to test how tight their back2back skillz are as a DJ pair!

Worst gig?
DJ Niffty: Don’t have one
DJ Redwood: Oppikoppi this year. Someone gate crashed our set and started making a noise on the mic.

Ready D or Sibot?
Nifty: Sibot of course
DJ Redwood: Sibot

Will God ever be a DJ again?
DJ Niffty: Yeah soon
DJ Redwood: He always was.

Who is the Fresh Prince and who is DJ Jazzy Jeff?
DJ Niffty: Fresh prince is the rapper/actor and jazzy is the DJ/inventor
DJ Redwood: Fresh Prince is Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff made the Transformer Scratch popular in the 80s.

What's the difference between a DJ and a turntablist?
DJ Niffty: A DJ uses turntables to play music a tablist uses the turntables as an instrument to make music
DJ Redwood: A turntablist falls under the umbrella of DJ. Other aspects of DJ are: Sellecta and Beat Mixer. Turntablism has different aspects too: Scratcher, Juggler, Battle DJ, and Party DJ

Ninja Tune or African Dope?
DJ Niffty: African dope is our ninja tune
DJ Redwood: Both for sure
Who is the better DJ: Niffty or Redwood?
DJ Niffty: Redwood
DJ Redwood: Niffty

Do they know their stuff?

What are vinyls made out of?
DJ Niffty: um vinyl
DJ Redwood: Wax

What does MP3 stand for?
DJ Niffty: music piracy
DJ Redwood: MPeg 3

What does CD stand for?
DJ Niffty: Compact Disc
DJ Redwood: Compact Disc

When was the CD invented?
DJ Niffty: In the 80s
DJ Redwood: 1989

What about knowing each other?
A-track or Cassette?
DJ Niffty: Cassette
DJ Redwood: A-track

Vinyl or CD?
DJ Niffty: Vinyl
DJ Redwood: Vinyl

Briefs or boxer shorts?
DJ Niffty: Boxer shorts
DJ Redwood: Boxers

Aerosol Deodorant or roll on?
DJ Niffty: Aerosol
DJ Redwood: Aerosol Deodorant

Toothbrush: firm or soft?
DJ Niffty: Firm
DJ Redwood: Firm

Bad habits?
DJ Niffty: uhhh don't know
DJ Redwood: Smoking

Want to support DJ Niffty and DJ Redwood as they get ready to take over the world at the DMC World Championship, email Niffty on

- Nomfundo H Mbaba+Tshabalala

If idol hands do the devil's work and the devil has the best tunes (just ask any bluesman), then do a deck duo who call themelves Idol Hands think that God is a DJ? Whatever, we asked award-winning DJ team Niffty and Redwood a platter of questions to find out if these teammates really are mates. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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