It’s Only Rock 'n Roll... but we like it!

2008-08-01 05:32
We think you'll notice the following themes in the messages below all posted unedited, and completely uncensored!
1. I was wasted and…
2. I woke up in someone else's tent / in my tent with someone else
3. Fokofpolisiekar

The winner of two poker den passes

Neels 'Yogaman' Ehlers (see photo)
"I have been to numerous Oppikoppi festivals (six by my count) and have been exposed to many a strange sight; but the most rock 'n roll thing that I have ever experienced is two fold. One early morning at Koppi two years ago a friend and I were sitting in our camp, waiting for friends to arrive when I jokingly suggested that the Koppi-goers overindulge so much on booze and – um - junk food (you know what I mean) that they need some form of exercise in the mornings just to reboot their systems. We found the idea of somebody giving yoga lessons quite funny. A few hours and alcoholic refreshments later I took it upon myself to get dressed in my Speedos (don't ask why I had Speedos) and continued to present an impromptu improvised yoga lesson in the middle of the road for all passers-by to behold. My friend found it so amusing that he decided to spread the word around to every person he came in contact with that day. Later the people started to insist that I do a repeat performance later that same day. So I did an encore performance of my yoga and the people who were there to see it - for some strange reason - liked it. I actually quite enjoyed entertaining peeps and by the end of the weekend I had quite the routine and a whole set of "yoga moves" which some of the festival-goers could recite like a nursery rhyme. So I went through the whole weekend doing two yoga lessons a day for the rest of the weekend with the crowds getting bigger and bigger (there were even a few willing participants. )By the end of the weekend I couldn't go check a band without somebody recognising "yoga man". I found that to be pretty “rock 'n' roll". But wait there's more... The following year I was once again attending our favourite festival at our personal dusty Mecca. I decided not to do yoga on this specific occasion as I felt that I had exhausted the yoga-thing and that no-one would even remember it. Much to my surprise one night while cruising through the Bar next to the main stages somebody recognised "yoga man" and the next thing I knew a large portion of the people in the bar were insistently chanting "Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!" Unfortunately I could not oblige "my adoring audience"…well because I was just a little overwhelmed. That was probably the most Rock 'n' Roll thing that has EVER happened to me."
Runners up, winning two tickets each...

"I passed out in my tent (which I wasn’t sharing with anyone specific this festival) after a long night watching bands and way too much Tequila. After some time I was awoken by someone that entered my tent. It turned out to be a very cute, half-naked by now, but totally lost stranger! She spent the night and we ended up having "relations". Now that’s Rock ‘n Roll Oppikoppi style! I’d have to share the prize with her if I got a shot at winning"

"Being invited into a chalet and having a beer with Koos Kombuis was just the start of memories that seem to have faded away! I woke up the next morning; seemingly alone in a 5man tent; but found a total stranger cuddled up tightly against me! Later on during the weekend I realised that even some men look good in red bras...thank you what an Awakening!"

"I wound up in Cutting Jade’s bathtub. I think I faked being a band member. Got caught and jumped through the window. Hid from the security guards on top of a hot dog stand!"

"I leopard crawled down the Koppi with a full glass in the one hand at 4 in the morning and Snakehead from Polisiekar walked passed me and "stagedived" on me - not a single drop spilled !"

Carl Barnard
"Getting intoxicated and walking around in my boxers with my friend walking around with only a piece of foil over his private parts - all night during the cold oppikoppi nights."

"I stage dove into a ravenous pack of models wearing swimsuits while playing my bass to Taxi Violence's living it up…but then I woke up and realised I’ve never been to Oppikoppi...."

Konrad Kruger
"Easter koppi '08. It was the Friday evening and the shows were rocking as usual. After the shows ended; my mate Tom and I took the compulsory booze cruise up the koppi to the top bar. With the awesome tunes playing and the shooters flowing; the party was going like no tomorrow. Soon after we were on the bar counter along with about 25 other people and we were jamming like crazy. Eventually the tunes got us in such a frenzy that we were stage diving from the bar counter (not a good idea after all the drinks but its koppi after all). To my greatest surprise Mr. van Coke himself was jamming away next to us on the counter - so my most rock n roll moment is jamming on the Oppikoppi bar counter with Francois van Coke singing along to ACDC 'highway to hell'."

Oscar Mathafa
"My Rock 'n Roll moment was at the "Way of the Dassie festival"... I got myself so sloshed that I woke up in someone else's tent. I was sure that I was gonna get bliksemmed to my surprise this dude was also so sloshed that he thought he was the one in the wrong tent. After the confusion was sorted we got up had some Milo and Mashmellows by the fire."

Christo Prinsloo
"A couple of years back at Oppikoppi Wired I still had my mohawk. I went to go watch The Narrow the one evening and after the show walking out the mosh-pit; 2 random HOT girls just grabbed me and made out with me; just because they liked my hairstyle!!! A little while after that when I walked back to my tent I bailed over some logs into a bunch of stones and I thought : "Yeah!Rock and roll baby!!!" He-he, so yeah that's my story! Oh and not to mention; that year; my bud and I made one of the headlines on the front page of the Beeld."

Elmarie Saayman
"A few years ago I went with a group of friends; it was really late on the Saturday evening; and all of us had a bit much to drink; after a big night of partying up a storm. On our way to our campsite; we started having a bit of fun chasing each other around and got completely lost. The next morning; I woke up in an unknown tent between 2 people I have never seen before; and walking to my campsite; I found one of my friends stuck in the thorn bushes; we he had passed out the previous evening; and did not bother to stand up."

Craig Meiring
"About 8 yrs ago I was with friends at the 206 live stage at 3 in the morning. I was chatting to The Blunted Stuntman who was spinning at the time. He told me that the replacement dj had not shown up and he had been playing for 4 hours straight. I DJ too so he asked if i would do a mini set and cover for him while he went to the loo and got a drink; naturally I accepted. It was sick playing in front of such a large crowd and getting the chance to say i played at Oppikoppi! Thanks to 206."

Aimee Logan
"After a Friday night of heavy partying and dancing to the amazing SA bands we arrived back at our campsite to find our tent had vanished! Our cars were still there but the tent was now where to be found. Spent the rest of Saturday walking around the campsite looking for culprits. As many of the tents looked the same as ours many came under suspicion and all tents were scrutinised and owners interrogated. This lead to other festival goers feeling sorry for us; giving us a 'condolence' drink … this happened at many of the suspected 'crime scenes' and we ended up making more friends and getting more merry than we could have without the tent. Great weekend! Never did find that tent..."

Mari Poulter
"I did a stage dive and no one was there to catch me..."

Rapula Brian
"We were just going past a tent of some guys; when suddenly where offered beers; braaied vleis; poitjie kos and a lot of rock & roll. By the time we left it was 5 in the morning and not even remebering where our tent was. Thats one rock "n roll thin I wont forget and thanx to Oppikoppi fetival."

"That was along time ago; getting to see Koula from 5fm - that rock 'n rolled me as I have been a huge fan of her's. And watching all the local bands performing was just dope! whities and darkies enjoying SA's music talent with one love- The Oppikoppi Festival is Rockers!"

"I "Rocked and Rolled" down the Koppi at the main bar! Was laughing so much at something some of the other Koppi-goers said(going down the Koppi) that I literally rolled of the Koppi! Friendly security guys and my girl had to drag me out of a ditch still laughing my arse of! Full of thorns - but hellm it's the Koppi!"

Des Subroyen
"Hitch-hiked my way from Durbs. Pitched tent ; rocked with a 65 year couple all weekend and got a lift straight back with them to durbs."

"I have always wanted to go to the Oppikoppi but ended not going because of dissapointments from friends; but now I have just hooked up this lovely Girl who is too much into rock and has got me interested. She has told me interesting things about the festival and i must say i'm hooked and we are planning to going there.This will be my first Rock experience and looking forward to it."

"Broke an empty beer bottle over the head of a stranger on his request; or was it? He was wearing a hard hat with horns."

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