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Jimmy Eat World: Bad Jokes

2007-08-01 15:32
1993 to 2007 is a long time to be in the same band. You must know your band mates pretty well by now?
Very well. Too well I might say. Nah, I'm joking. We've been a band for a very long time and one thing that's helped us survive those years of touring is we were friends even before the band. I've known Tom the guitarist since 7th grade…

Taxi Violence’s bassist Loedi described the bass to me the other night as “…the heartbeat of the band”. Why are bassists so often overlooked when it comes to praise, media... even groupies?
I don't know. I think we just kinda sit back and keep everything stable. We're not too flashy normally, so it's easier to overlook us. We're not in front because we're not "lead vocals"... but believe me, if we weren't there, you'd definitely notice.

Do you know any good bassist jokes
There's one I heard recently... can't remember it right now. I know a good drummer joke? I wish I could remember the bassist one. Damn…

I'll take a drummer joke.
Ok. How do you know it's the drummer knocking at your door?

Your pizza's arrived? (told to me as a bassist joke, by a vocalist, by the way)
Ha ha. No. "The knock keeps speeding up." I wish I could remember the bassist joke. It's something like... "...he's not homeless cause he lives with his girlfriend."

What would you do if you met a really cool girl (not asking here if you're married or in love or anything, just go with my story) and you dug her and you went home with her. When you arrive and you go into her room, there's a burnt CD on her bed. What now?
Like... she torched it? (I explain) Oh, oh I see, she downloaded it? It's just a part of things today, almost unavoidable. I would have a talk with her about supporting music and arts because that's how it's able to be made and all that. But also about how internet and the whole downloading thing is a double edged sword. There's people getting stuff for free, but also people get access who wouldn't be able to. I remember our first time in England. We had no albums released but, like, it was the days of Napster and all that, and there were people there and they know us. And we wondered, how do they know us? "They were like "Yeah, but we got it on the internet!" You know, we need to figure out how it can be settled in with the whole reimbursement for the music thing. There are growing pains happening right now. So it's uncomfortable, you know, and we'll all work it out.

Record labels are getting a pretty bad rap, especially from indie rock bands. And you once ditched the big record deal route and went your own way with Singles. So: how do you see things working, with record lables and indie initiatives, and the internet… talk about that a bit?
With the internet these days we can record music and get it out there. We can do it on a laptop, anywhere, at a coffeeshop! So I think uh... bands can make music and put it up and get a reaction with very little monetary input, and that was one of the main roles labels played. But now... now, it's so easy for a band to do that on their own, labels are finding they're not needed as much as they were in the past. They're trying to update their old habits, and find out how they can, um, help us.

You're playing the Oppikoppi Festival as part of the Ampli5 tour. What do you know about the animal most likely to be mentioned in these parts... the Dassie. Do you know what a Dassie is?
NO I haven't... NO. What? (I explain it's bit like a rabbit, but without ears, and we move on.)

If a fan were buying you a drink, what would you order?
In the morning, an iced soy latte latte in summer, in winter a hot soy latte. In the evening? A cold beer or a Jack and jinger - I've been drinking a lot of Jack and jinger lately.

What would you like a fan to talk to you about?
Anything - a movie they liked, traffic, what's going on... anything... they read something interesting? Anything.

- Jean Barker

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