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Jo Day: The Real Deal - Interview - rock chick Jo Day

2006-03-29 10:56

M-WEB: If you were to create a Reality TV show what would it be?
JO: Tune in to M-Net next week for the debut episode of...Reality? Not! In this game, the contestants are required to come up with innovative ways to rid humanity of reality TV shows. Contestants are given a limited budget, a list of "Victims" to choose from (people involved with previous reality shows), and a pre-determined amount of time in which to complete their "mission". To qualify, they must submit proposals in which they describe:
a) how they would lure their "Victim" into agreeing to go along with their plan, and
b) what method they intend to use to ensure that their victim never directs, sponsors, competes in, produces or judges another reality TV show again... ever.

No Violence! Apart from the mess, getting rid of the body is always so tedious! The type of thing we'd be looking for: getting Gareth Cliff to open a cafe in Poffadder, sending Heinz off to join the IRA, getting Mara Louw to run for President of Iraq or Brad joining a Tibetan monastery.

Contestants would be chosen for the viability and originality of their scheme, as well as for the "interest value" of their intended "victim". Finalists would be filmed with hidden cameras as they actually do the deed - using the real-life "Victim"! Those who have actually managed to get Bianca to take up nursing for the International Red Cross. They would be public-voted, with originality and degree of difficulty as criteria. For example: someone who chose one of the sponsors would not get as many points for degree of difficulty as someone who chose Ferdi or Randall. The theory being that sponsors are gullible anyway...

There would be prizes, of course:
Third prize: lifetime discounts at "Gareth's Groceries", Poffadder
Second prize: your own TV show.
First prize: a seat in Parliament.

M-WEB: Who is your favourite Osbourne and why?
JO: Ozzy, of course! He's not only the "Grandaddy of rock", but also a very real person. He doesn't seem to ever try to be something he's not.

M-WEB: What do you think of Kelly's music and fashion sense?
Could you please rephrase that question without the double oxymoron? Might as well ask what I think of "Military Intelligence".

M-WEB: What luxury item would you choose to take with you to survive in the Amazon and why?
Martin - my bass player. This dude knows everything about camping, and he's not afraid of spiders and other disgusting creatures (such as, no doubt, our fellow-campers.)

M-WEB: If you were allowed one CD to listen to in the Amazon what would it be and why?
There must be a "How I Survived The Amazon" CD? You know, those novels people listen to while they're driving or if they're visually impaired?

M-WEB: If the SA music industry is Big Brother, who would you want to vote off immediately and why?
You're gonna get me in big sh*t you guys! I had a wonderful "moment" of visualisation there... Okay, record companies aside let's vote off all the clubs who rip off musicians out there paying their dues. Let's vote off every cheap sh*t who pirates local music. Let's vote off the *%$*#! who charged an unsigned local metal band ten thousand Rand for the "privilege" of opening for a not-even-that-famous overseas band for one show! Let's vote off any overseas act that does nothing to help our local industry. Excuse us dudes - we are trying to build a nation here, in case you didn't notice? Duh!

M-WEB: What's the dumbest MTV style "Jackass" thing you've ever done in the name of rock 'n roll?
Not sure what you mean by that (laughs)... take your pick! When I was in a cover band years ago, we were doing a residency at this club we hated! One day we rocked up for rehearsal, only to find we'd been fired. En route, we were so happy to be getting away from this dive that we allowed our exuberance to get the better of us and started "flashing" other drivers as they drove past us - in broad daylight! (er, that'd be wobbly bits, not headlights!) Then I once went into a CD shop and moved a few particularly odious "Pop" albums to another shelf. I think I filed 'em under "Religious Music". And a guitarist and I once blew up a jukebox. Well, it was full of really crap tracks! We also drilled through a wall and rigged a pen mic into the hole to record our bass player shagging groupies. He never found out. Hey - it was "research"! Rock n' roll!

Forget Karen Zoid and her jeans if you're after a fast 'n furious celebration of all things rock 'n roll then Jo Day is the real deal. With the public force-fed a daily diet of fast food entertainment fodder with everything from Idols and Big Brother to Survivor, Jackass and The Osbournes masquerading as "Reality TV" we figured hey, let's hear what one of South Africa's most irreverently outspoken rock 'n roll rebels has to say. (Disclaimer: The sentiments expressed are obviously by no means nec publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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