Kim Craig: outsexing Arno

2007-06-27 11:27

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How did the casting process take place for this video? Was there anything unusual about it?

No I think what they did was ... it was different for me, because someone had recommended me to them, so I got a phone call to go meet the director. They just really liked me because someone had mentioned me to Arno and said I'd be good for the part - they knew me from Deal or No Deal. They thought i looked like Arno. I know from speaking to the other girls that they had to put on a big performance to get the part.

How about the shoot - how did it differ from other modelling job?

Can I be honest with you? It was one of the most difficult things I've done. I know it sounds funny, but I'm not a rock chick at all. Like, I don't really listen to rock music and stuff. So for me it was the biggest challenge because I'd never danced to rock music. I had to learn all the headbanging moves and watch a couple of videos and learn how the rock thing works. I was so nervous that it was going to be a disaster. But the director, he was great. He showed us a whole lot of music videos from Springbok Nude Girls, and some music videos that are sort of in the same direction. I had to - in a way - mimic Arno, and they wanted me to do a couple of things he does normally on stage. And during the shoot, was Arno around to give advice?

The girls didn't really get to see him. He came so late because he was doing a concert, so when he came we'd left already, and we didn't get to spend any time with him.

Did Arno seem uncomfortable that he wasn't the hottest thing onstage?

I watched the making of the video and it was quite funny because at the end he's me, and he throws the bikini out the window and he did it really well. Like a male stripper. But ya, to be honest I'd like to know myself what he think of my performance. I was still joking with the director that maybe I'll do the job so well that he has to up his game a notch.

The video was shot in a strip club setting. How - if at all - have your feelings on strip clubs and stripping changed since the project?

I must say it was really interesting, to spend the entire day there. We all walked around and looked at everything. It's amazing the way it's done. The inside was spectacular. A lot of people say it's sleazy. I don't really have a big problem with it. I didn't have a big problem with the shoot - but obviously because it was closed, just the people in the crew. But... the whole idea is... people who watched the making of will see why they used that setting. It's playing on the whole Nude Girls vibe. In the beginning we all were worried about how it would look, but we just had to have faith in the video's director. You know, it's always good to have some sort of reaction. I'm not saying I think strip clubs are great. They're not the sort of places I would like to hang out, but at the same time I don't go there to judge everyone. I was just there to do a job. I mean, a music video.

Do bikini models have to work their way up from the bottom to the top? How did you get here?

I've been doing it since six or seven years go. I've been travelling, modelling, and I spend a lot of time in Cape Town - for season. I've always wanted to do modelling, but I just waited until I finished school because I couldn't do it while in school - I did sport and stuff. I also did some acting courses. The FHM challenge has been a really nice thing too.

Some people have made very judgemental comments about the video - they've said it's exploitative of women, and so on. What is your response to people who say things like this?

I think people should take things with a pinch of salt. I went onto the website myself and I was reading what people said. I could see how some people could look at this and see it as demoralising to women, and say it's selling sex, but you're never going to please everyone. I can understand where people come from but I think people just take things too seriously. It's a music video. Get over it! It's a shot of a strip club. And so? And the guy dancing on the pole made it quite light-hearted... You know what, that's life, and unfortunately, strip clubs exist. People even see an advert on TV and they have to phone in. People just have to realise you can't take everything so seriously.

Final comments?

We had a lot of fun doing it, and I think it came out... it was a very sexy music video, but I don't think anything in it that made us look... you-know-what-I-mean? This is our job, and it's acting! We're doing a shoot and we need to give our best. If people want to judge me then that's also OK. But it's the same as swimwear shoots and lingerie shoots. Some people will judge that as well. I've seen worse on MTV, and in a way, this video was meant to shock. [Sighs] Well, we'll see.

- Interview by Jean Barker

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