Late 2005 Compilations - Killers and Deathly Disasters - Late 2005 Compilations - Killers and Deathly Disasters

2006-07-14 16:48

World's Greatest (3CD Set) - Rating: 4/5 (Sony BMG)
This 3CD compilation lives up to its name - if your musical world consists almost entirely of Britain and the USA. The World's Greatest has a diverse, well-balanced collection of old and new hit songs.
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KickOff - The Hits CD - Rating 3/5 (CCP / EMI)
Compilations centred around sports tend to be beyond terrible. This is a welcome exception. Perhaps the best thing about this CD is that if you don't know Kwaito music - and if you don't, you're missing out - it's the prefect way to get started and find out who's who on the musical menu.

Nsync - Greatest hits - Rating 3/5 (Sony BMG)
Synthed out, radio hitmakers from the late 1990s, Nsync followed in the lightweight footsteps of the Backstreet Boys and were fronted by once boyfriend-of-Britney Justin Timberlake. This is a passable collection of their undeniably flimsy, and competent but kitsch, silly pop songs.
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The Hits - Rating 2/5 (Gallo / Sony BMG)
An above average throw-together featuring some of the more intelligent top 10 hitmakers. Think Craig David, James Blunt, Charlotte Church, Dave Matthews, Him and so on. Of course, the clunkers are there too. Crazy Frog, Staind and the like.
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The Now Years and Now 41 - Rating 2/5 average
Does a double CD set summarising the best radio pop of the last 10 years sound like a good idea to you? It's the music compilation equivalent of ending war. There's just no way to do it on a mere 2CD set. But The Now Years 1995-2005 makes an unusually disastrous attempt. Now 41 is a bit better.
- Our review of both CDs
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Shake it Up - The best of R&B and Hip Hop - Rating 1/5 (EMI)
Anyone would, and should be suspicious of an album that claims to combine the best of two massive genres in 20 tracks, doesn't feature the Beastie Boys or Alicia Keys, and just looks this cheap. Avoid.

African Musical Journey - Rating 1/5 (Sony BMG)
Journey? No it's not! More of a wild goose chase, really This CD is worst of breed - packaging supposedly tourist-friendly tunes from around the continent in arbitrary order with an ugly CD cover and no information about any of the artists in the sleeve notes. Some good music on it, but Africa is a huge and varied place and it doesn't hang together. In fact, the very concept is fairly insulting, even a tad racist.
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Christmas in South Africa - Rating 1/5 (Sony BMG)
Now that it's not Christmas anymore, this CD looks even flimsier than it did the first time you read the track listing. Which for some reason includes Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton... they're not African, they're black! That's not the same thing where I come from. A bit of a scam, frankly. Sies.
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- Jean Barker

With a few exceptions, this year's end of year compilations are a bit of a disappointment. The usual tourist fodder, a welcome kwaito surpise, and a so-yesterday boy band flogging their hits. Here's what we thought, and how you can buy most of them. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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