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2008-11-29 16:15
Jonathan Davis
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You’ve got some serious tattoos. What’s the significance behind the HIV one on your left arm?
When I was really young, I was in a band and I was a total speed freak. And it looked like I was dying of AIDS so everyone called me HIV, and that nickname kind of stuck.

Well, looking at your right arm it’s obvious you literally wear your views on Catholicism on your sleeve. What’s your opinion on the Catholic Church adding seven new entries to their deadly sins list recently – including taking drugs, making obscene amounts of money and…polluting the planet?
I do believe there’s a supreme being that we call 'God' – or whatever you want to call it is fine - but [the church] doing that kind of stuff totally kills the whole soul concept, the whole… everything. I think polluting the environment that’s a sin, that’s f**ked up. You shouldn’t do that. We all want our kids – and their kids – to have a nice place to live. So I believe in that. And drugs? F**k off! Drugs are fun. I can’t do ‘em anymore, but a lot of people do them and are all right with it.

Indeed. You’re not really as "genuinely f**ked up" as the media sometimes makes you out to be, are you?
There was a time in my life when I was literally f**ked up! (laughs) It was true. I’ve just learned how to deal with my life better. A lot of things have changed - anti-depressants are great (smiles)…having three beautiful children and a wonderful wife has a way of making you happy. A lot of things changed in my life after that. So I’m a lot happier and a lot less fucked up. But I still talk to people who don’t really know me, and [they go] no "I’m crazy". But I'm like any other person, I just choose to write about things that piss me off or hurt me - that's my art. Everybody has that…I guess I’m not that special, I guess I tapped into it and a lot of people grabbed a hold of that
In your lyrics you've dealt with abuse, anger, homophobia, violence - is there any subject matter that’s taboo for you?
No. I’m not even that conscious bro'. Sometimes I write songs and I don’t even know what the f**k I’m talking about. I’m singing and I get through it and then I’m like 'whoah! This is what I’m trying to get out.' It's like my body trying to get this s*it out. So whatever comes out of me comes out of me. I’m not chicken s*it about anything. I mean I catch hell from my wife and family members…they wonder "why the f**k are you writing about this or that?" It’s just what I feel…sorry! It’s not directed towards you in any bad way, but this is how I deal with it. So it happens.

You’re obviously a sensitive guy, is American celebrity culture killing real music?
What, you mean the whole tabloid thing and all that? Well, a lot of people’s lives are f**king boring and repetitive. Picking up a rag magazine or whatever and keeping up with that is something that’s entertaining for them. It’s something that keeps them going. You know America’s biggest exports are weapons…and the second is entertainment. So there you go, two things that we’re all about! (chuckles)

So you believe there is a difference between 'entertainment' and real rock 'n roll?
Yeah, I like real rock 'n roll. I like the sh*t that makes me feel something! And anything fakes not going to make me feel anything, so I immediately latch onto bands that take me somewhere and make me have an emotional connection. That’s the kind of music I’m into. Be it any kind of rock 'n roll…. I’m totally emotionally attached to this Japanese cultural music...they use a lute called a biwa and they sang this amazing poetry over it and it’s so passionate it takes you somewhere. I’m like all over that shit. I’m listening to that! And there’s nothing rock about that at all. That’s traditional Japanese folk music.

You've battled abuse, drugs, blood disease and depression…does anything scare Jonathan Davis
The only thing that scares me is burying my kids. That’s the only thing in the world.

- Miles Keylock

If anyone knows what to make of the Catholic Church giving the Seven Deadly Sins a new millennium makeover by adding seven new mortal transgressions to their damnation list it's KoRn's Jonathan Davis. The lead tonsil-toaster for the Grammy-winning metal legends makes no bones about being anti-Catholic. Hell, he's actually got an image of Jesus beating the crap out of a priest with a cross inked onto his right arm for eternity! Does this mean he's evil? We figured we'd find out and caught up with publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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