Loose Cannons: Shooting the Breeze

2007-08-06 12:22
Think you can handle that after a morning of drinking at the Oppikoppi Festival? Don’t miss them on Thursday. You can also catch them as part of the Ampli5 tour in Cape Town and Jozi.

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Some teasers for the readers

What do you know about South Africa?
What do I know about South Africa is that the ladies are the best in the world. (Laughs) Not very much. Rooibos tea. We know about that. We’re big on the Rooibos tea which apparently is South African. We’ve both had more than one South African girlfriend so we have that as an insight. And we know it’s going to be hotter than here.

So where did you find your South African girlfriends? Earls Court?
No… no good call but one of them I met in Paris and the other at … Glastonbury. But they were both lovely girls, and it was all my fault that we broke up, and not theirs at all.

You’re playing Oppikoppi. What do you know about Dassies?

Dassies. Small animals that jump around on rocks?
Ok, NOTHING, is the answer to that question. “I know nothing” is the answer to that question. What has it got to do with Oppikoppi?

Well there are a lot of them there. So my next question is, if you were a dassie, what KIND of dassie would you be?
Oh Lord! You’re throwing me right off this end. Can I not just be any animal?

Ok, what kind of animal would you be?
Oh but, but wait, tell me more about the dassie. Is there all different kinds. Enough that you could be a different kind of dassie.

Ya… not usually but…
If I were to say to you “If you were a duck, what kind of duck would you be?” would you be like “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t even know what. What’s the difference?” My botanical and biological background is not strong enough to answer that question. (Pauses to think.) If I were an animal I would be a… sperm whale.

You guys are going to the USA after this. Does it feel like you’re conquering the world?
No no obviously we’d love to conquer the world but you’ll actually find we’re infiltrating the world in very selective ways. We’re staying underground. We try not to go overground wombling free because as soon as you get up there you get shot down in flames. But this way we get to keep with the beautiful people who’re down with what’s really going on in the world and aren’t interested in pop idols and stuff like that.

You guys have a reputation for being fantastic live. Would you rather someone bought your CD or paid R100 to see you play?
Well it’s sort of six of one and half a dozen of the other. We’re always very grateful when people buy the CD because you put an enormous amount of work in at your end that people don’t see … it’s a painful creative process, and quite lonely … it’s not so much the buying of the album that interests me but it’s when people come up to us and say “Oh my God I loved that record you did such a great job on that and I loved this bit” – notices something small - and we go “Oh my God you actually listened!” That’s such a beautiful feeling. At the same time, the festival experience, standing in front of thousands of people actually loving it and jumping up and down is brilliant, and if I could do it, I’d do it for free.

What’s the most “out-there” thing you’d do to bring life to a dead crowd? Say you go out there. They’re dead. Nothing’s happening. Dead.
There is nothing I won’t do to get a crowd going. Nothing. I will pull any parlour trick out that I can think of. I couldn’t’ really tell you because that would be giving it away, but we’ve worked crowds up from four people, to 1000 people...

- Jean Barker

The Loose Cannons are Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader – wow, do these Brits name their kids funny shit or what? These DJ’s with a live band attitude are famed for their daring performance, which sometimes includes getting the crowd members to do stuff like stand on each other’s shoulders. It’s one way to see them, after all.

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